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So. Much. Reasons. You Should Worship Backups

  • Category : Security
  • Posted on : Mar 15, 2017
  • By : Natasa Kilibarda
Altus Host

Every single one of you has already heard this story. So many times.

The certainty that you know someone who has lost everything on his or hers computer due to negligence and lack of backing up data is almost 100%.

We are thankful for that automatic Word and Google Docs ctrl+S, due to which you are reading this post.

Just kidding.

Anyway, recently, our client Ryan quite easily became a “victim” of losing his precious data.

That data had no other backup options.

Additionally, guess what? His business depends on that data.

And suddenly, one day, his laptop stopped working. Because it had important data in it, Ryan just run to a nearby technician. And yes, it was totally fruitless, as they failed big to recover his hard disk. But, there’s no use crying over spilled milk. At least he learned a valuable lesson: always backup.

Disk drive, server, website. Everything.

This post will be focusing on, just a few reasons, you should be worshiping backups. Choose not to go through what Ryan has.

Fact: Losing data is not Disneyland.

If you haven’t backup for few months or even years, then, my friend, you are in for some pretty badass issues. With it, you have invited those issues to a hell-themed party. Hard drive failing to perform is a common issue with laptop or any other computer. But we have seen many Ryans in our geek lifetime.

Learn from his mistakes, so that you don’t have to learn the hard(est) way.

Here come the reasons, why you should really hit that backup button on a regular basis.

We are just humans, prone to making mistakes

It doesn’t come as a surprise for us humans to make mistakes intentionally or unintentionally. With a heavy head while working, you can press “delete” or accidentally spill coffee over your machine. Real and everyday scenarios are endless. Aftermath of all of them is: no more data.  In many cases, not even the expert technicians or so called “hundred percent working software” can help you recover your important data.

And if somehow, the technician or software make a miracle and somehow return your data, it will cost you a small fortune. So, our advice to you is to keep computer and website data backups, not just within but outside the computer, too. If anything happens, without making a single sweat, you can call the backup in.

Spikes and Power Failures are Unpredictable

Each of our claims, that technology is getting a smarter day in and day out. But in our naive opinion, machines are a bit prosaic and “stupid”, because, at any second, your machine can suffer a power failure. Force majeure. And now what? You will be at the same place where you’ve started.These power failures or spikes can crash your server, motherboard or hard drive, and make it impossible for you to recover the data. All of your valuable data will be destroyed.

This is notice number 2, click Backup now.

Temporary storage is not meant for the long term

Many of us think temporary storage could be used just like long term storage. We are so wrong, aren’t we? You may also say that it is completely useless to keep track on data if you are using it temporarily. Let us reassure you, it is okay to keep data on temporarily storage, but only for short-term purposes Why? Duh, it’s name says it all. These types of storages are simply not meant for long-term storing. But more importantly, in the long run, it may cost you. A lot.

Wake up, backup. Act like a professional you are.

Your Machine may get stolen or lost

It may happen, that someone, somehow steals your tech buddy. And it’s not quite a fairytale. It happens every now and then. And after losing their machines, people have their heads down and they have no possible plan how to get their data back to life. No happy end.

Keep your data on various secure places.

And one more thing, keep updating your backups frequently, because if things go south, you shouldn’t worry about them.

Keep rockin’ that good job of yours.


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