Be Objective About Your Skills – Are You Really a Techie?

Be Objective About Your Skills – Are You Really a Techie?

Lists. They fascinate us. There are lists to determine if you are an introvert or extrovert; there are lists which will help you determine if you are right-brained or left-brained, and even if you are a good pet owner.

So, here is another list.

How good techie are you really? Below, you will find questions that you should answer to determine if you are a skilled techie.

Can You Fix Basic PC Issues?

Here’s the thing. If you are a techie in an organization, people expect that you will know how to solve their basic issues. Can you help them back up their files? Can you map a printer? Can you add network cards? Can you free up space to install updates?

Can You Be an Effective Help Desk Agent?

If you work for an organization that has a help desk, go sit at it for a while. Can you explain and resolve issues in lay terms so that non-techies understand?

Can You Train Others?

Teachers will tell you this: the best way to improve your own knowledge and skills is to teach them to someone else. Teaching forces you to conduct research, to read, and to learn that which you must teach others. It cements that learning so that you will retain it permanently.

Are You a Master of Basic Networking?

Even if you are a system administrator, you still need to understand how networks operate and how to conduct basic troubleshooting. You should know DNS and how to check it, along with trace-routing machines, at the very least.

Are You Adept at Basic System Administration?

Do you understand file permissions and access permissions? Do you know why machines talk to domain controllers? While you need not be an expert, you do need to understand these things so that you can avoid issues down the road.

Can You Network Trace?

You should be able to use at least one or two basic networking capturing tools. Learn Wireshark, snoop, netmon, etc. While you don’t need to understand everything, you need to be at least capable of capturing it and sending it over to a network engineer for examination.

Do you Understand Latency and Bandwidth and How they are Related but Different?

The concepts are simple. For example, you should understand why adding more bandwidth to a link that isn’t full will not reduce latency.

Can You Throw a Script Together for Quick Results?

If you are a real programmer, then you know about putting those error messages, in, looking for abnormalities, and documenting. If you are a techie but not a programmer, you should, however, be able to throw a script together that will remove lines, copy files, and/or send emails.

Are You Continuing to Learn More Languages?

If you are a programmer, fluency in just one or two languages should not be personally satisfying. While you may work in only those one or two, learning more all the time should always be “on your plate.” This drive to keep learning is one of the most valuable assets to an employer, and it should be to you too, especially if you are a solopreneur.

Do You Have Full Mastery in at Least One Core Area of Development?

You must. While you can certainly acquire skills in many areas of development, if you are focused on IOS development, for example, be the “king” of that area. This allows employers/clients to trust you. Once you are “king,” you can move on and retain that trust.

How Adaptable Are You?

You may need to “hit the ground running” in a new environment, framework, or language. Can you acclimate yourself to new systems and tools quickly? The goal is to become competent in the short-term and a master over time. When you are seeking a great job opportunity, for example at supreme dissertations, a potential employer will want to see flexibility, a good attitude, and an aptitude for learning. Specific skills are usually 3rd or 4th on their list of priorities because the first three say that you can and will learn what you have to.

Are You a Fan of Data and Research?

You need to be. Never make assumptions. Gather the data and analyze it. Data drives technology today.

Are You Documenting Everything?

No one else wants to wonder what you did or how you did it. Even the obvious should be documented. And remember, you are may be “speaking” to non-techies too. Lose the acronyms a bit.

Are You Testing Enough?

Nothing is worse for a user than to have a piece of software with “bugs,” however small. A good techie tests and re-tests everything before launch.

Do You Have the Necessary Soft Skills?

Remember, being a good techie involves many hard skills – they are not all mentioned here, of course. However, to be effective, you must be a good communicator in a variety of environments; you must be a team player when that is required. And if you hope to move into IT management at some point, you have to be a great listener, humble, willing to ask questions when you don’t understand, and able to “read” others.

This is by no means a comprehensive list of the skills that make you a good techie. But do remember this: If you are already a techie, it is because you like what you do and you have already developed some solid skills. This means that you can learn anything you need to in order to boost your skill levels.

About the author:  Ashley Kornee is a blogger and freelance writer. She always tries to write about ordinary things in a creative way.  You can find her on Facebook and Twitter.

WordPress Design Trends To Follow in 2018

How is your website going to change in the coming months? This might be the question that is perplexing your mind every now and then. Right? Yes! Of course. This is quite an obvious fact.

Everyone would certainly want to stay ahead of the curve if it is such an environment that is prevailing nowadays and which is as shifting as the internet. You need to be aware of the upcoming developments and trends to upgrade your website like never before. And, to make your website an upgraded and appealing one, WordPress must be the term that revolves around your mind. So, do you know what are the current trends of WordPress for the year 2018?

Not having an idea yet? Then, just read ahead!

A Genuine ‘Mobile first’ design approach

Undoubtedly, mobile phones have been a web design trend for years and in the last year of 2017, the mobile traffic has continuously beaten desktop as the prominent device present worldwide. This scenario is a clear indication of how significant traffic avenue has become over the time.

Now, mobile devices have become one of the most primary and important tools to interact with websites. So, mobiles are going to get an extreme boom in the coming time. Don’t forget to design your website while keeping in mind that it is quite mobile-friendly.

The emergence of push notifications

Push-ups have been one of the most important upcoming marketing channels during the recent times. On 2017, we have seen that more and more websites have used this concept to make themselves quite helpful.

Moreover, this approach has become quite pervasive because of various perks of the same which are good browser and device support, high acceptance of mobile devices, click-through rates higher than email, and so on. So, it is expected that 2018 is definitely going to bring-on this concept like never before.

Custom graphics and illustrations to be on the top

When it comes to online contents then visuals really matter!! They are immensely engaging in nature and are able to convey various things the words and texts can’t do alone. Moreover, images even have a great SEO value when optimized right!!

However, stock photos are even going strong with the passage of time, so there is also a trend going on in the other direction. Thus, experts are anticipating with complete belief that instead of generic visuals, website-owners like you should get ready for some of the most custom, and handmade stuff.

Also, it is being expected that outstanding graphics and unique illustrations are another couple of website design trends that you are going to see in 2018.

Animation will rule

The advanced browser technologies are allowing web designers to move away from static visuals now and they are gradually letting the website owners embrace movements.

The animations on various websites are becoming readily available now. And, it is expected that in the course of time animation will simply take over the world. So, if you are onto any online business then get ready to come up with some fantastic and appealing animations!

Vibrant color schemes and gradients will dominate

In the past, the tradition seemed to be like web-designs had to stick to web-safe colors always. But, now the scenario has changed with the due course of time. Now, colors are more vibrant and outstanding.

However, it’s because of the better monitors and the devices capable of showcasing them, you can even now use myriads of colors on your website in 2018.

Asymmetry and irregular grids will do wonders

Nowadays, websites tend to appear on anything starting from huge television sets to small cell phone screens. So, if you are leading a website then you should keep in mind that your business is going to get advertised in all such media.

Thus, there is no need to adhere to one single traditional grid. As a result, it is expected that asymmetric layouts are going to flourish amazingly in the coming months of 2018.

And, not only 2018, but also the scenario is more likely to remain quite the same in the upcoming subsequent years.

Bold fonts and large typography will lead

It has been seen that big and bold typography has been being a trend for quite a while. In 2017, it was one of the most well-known trends of WordPress.

Moreover, thanks to the fact that there are a huge number of freely available custom fronts available along with the remarkable improvements in device capabilities, websites can now easily get away with the really large letters.

Also, while being paired with ample amount of whitespace, it makes the websites quite easy for reading and skimming. It’s because of such a huge number of benefits, experts are expecting that big, and bold fonts and typography will continue to roll in the rest of 2018!

Micro-interactions will increase

Are you not aware of the term? Well, micro-interactions are some subtle effects for accomplishing various tasks on websites. You can say they are no less than the staple of social networks like Facebook.

Micro-interactions are quite beneficial because they give a chance to the users to interact with the contents of your website in a whole new way.

However, it is believed that rest of 2018 is going to bring on a lot of visual feedback for user actions to online businessmen, abundant interactivity without the need of any reloading of pages and so on through these micro-interactions in various websites.

Well, to predict WordPress trend is definitely not an exact science. We would only understand which of the aforementioned ones dominated in 2018 only after the year has ended. But, thanks to the remarkable expertise of the industry experts, these trends which they have predicted couldn’t be ignored at all.

So, just be smart, adopt the right WordPress trend for your website in 2018, and that’s it you are done!

Brand-awareness, sales, and last but not the least Success will kiss your feet!

About the author: Arina Thoggy is the marketing manager at BlurbpointMedia deals and discounts provider company. She is passionate about technology, social media, and digital marketing. In addition, Arina also supports non-profit agencies that provide healthcare solutions to handicapped and disabled people.

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