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Europe Data Centers

Places from where AltusHost meets your needs and highest possible demands.

AltusHost Data Centers in Europe

In order to continuously follow our mission of Top Quality Web Hosting Services, we’ve strategically located our data centers in Europe.

The Netherlands is an ideal location for serving the global market. The Netherlands is a country with one of the strongest Internet Infrastructure in Europe, a place where all world leading internet carriers are present. This allows us to offer super quality peering.

Sweden is perfect for clients in the Nordic region, as it offers the lowest possible latency for this part of Europe. Sweden has quality internet infrastructure, but fewer carriers present due to the geolocation of the country.

Bulgaria is the fastest growing country in IT infrastructure when it comes to Eastern Europe, in our opinion Bulgaria is the Network Hub of Eastern Europe.

Switzerland well-known synonym for quality and stability, located in the heart of Europe. Great location for clients who are present or want to establish a presence in the Swiss through powerful, physical infrastructure in Switzerland

Any of our locations you choose, you can be assured that you will get Top Notch services. Down below you have Looking Glass and speed test files available. This will help you to decide which location is right for your business.

Stockholm, Sweden

Test IP:

Looking Glass

Download Speed Test File

Sofia, Bulgaria

Zurich, Switzerland

AltusHost EU Data Centers Photos

Take a look how our data centers look inside.