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Remote Backups

Backup of your files does matter!

Taking care of backups is something that most people simply overlook. Unfortunately, because of this painful fact, businesses suffer. Some serious consequences occur: reputation is crushing and financial loss is inevitable. All of this can be avoided by simple and secure Offsite Backup solution provided by AltusHost.

Offsite Backup will be located on our powerful Storage Servers, located in Amsterdam, Netherlands. All backup data are encrypted for additional layer of protection. This offers you the ultimate solution for your offsite backups.

Cloud Hosted Backups

Rent safe & secure backup space at our Storage servers.

  • 100 GB

  • 250 GB

  • 500 GB

  • 1 TB

  • 2 TB

  • 3 TB

  • 5 TB

  • 7 TB

Own a Dedicated Server for your Backups? Great! We can rent you the same server but with Backup Solution pre-configured.

Contact us for a Quote. You will be amazed!

Remote Backup Features

It doesn’t really matter if you go with our Hosted Backup solution or you rent your own Dedicated Server machine for backups, because, either way you’ll get an amazing set of features to make your backup life easier.

Full bare-metal restore
Continuous Data Protection
Central Backup Repository
Innovative Web Interface
Powerful File Excludes
Top Quality Hardware