Web Hosting

  • Should I Buy Web Hosting From A Reseller or Directly From A Hosting Company?

    by Goran M.



    Tell me, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when choosing a web hosting provider for your website? His overall reputation? Network stability? Hardware? Pricing? All or none of these things combined? As I already wrote hundreds of times all over the Web – the overall quality of your web hosting provider is […]

  • Quality Hardware Is Not The Only Thing That Makes You a Good Web Host

    by Goran M.



    Listen – You can’t miss here, man. Every web hosting company is basically the same these days. They all have the same gear, the same network, and the same deals. Just pick a random one! They’re all good. It’s just web hosting, not rocket science. I cannot even count how many times I came across […]

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