Tips & Tutorials

  • 5 Tips to Optimize Your Website to Increase Conversion Rate

    by Vladimir Zivanovic



    Every online marketer knows how important the overall look of a website is and how it can greatly impact its visitors. Apart from having an impeccable design and not being cluttered, it must have quality content, including both text and visuals, as that is what will engage the visitors and make them interested in a […]

  • Managing an International Team with Help from Trello

    by Goran M.



    Greetings, Reader. It gives me great pleasure to introduce Soren Beck Jensen to you. Soren is a serial entrepreneur with 22 years experience in the internet industry. He was the first employee in Denmark’s first internet company and was involved in making the original websites for LEGO, Tivoli Gardens and Nordea Bank, among others. Soren is […]

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