• So. Much. Reasons. You Should Worship Backups

    by Natasa Kilibarda



    Every single one of you has already heard this story. So many times. The certainty that you know someone who has lost everything on his or hers computer due to negligence and lack of backing up data is almost 100%. We are thankful for that automatic Word and Google Docs ctrl+S, due to which you […]

  • 3 Backup Strategies for Keeping Your Business’ Data Safe and Secure

    by AltusHost



    Picture this scenario: You’re a CEO and Founder of a hot new app that’s generating loads of new customers every single day. Naturally, you’re feeling good about yourself. And why shouldn’t you? Your business is booming, everything seems to be going fine, you’re enjoying the fruits of your labor and watching people spread good words […]

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