Live Chat: A Perfect Way to Increase Conversion Rates

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Live Chat: A Perfect Way to Increase Conversion Rates

Relying on variety software solutions is necessary if you want to keep your business website a stable, competitive and powerful tool for creating more satisfied customers. One of the recent features that websites have begun utilizing is live chat software, which offers several benefits to business owners, the majority of which positively affect the conversion rates either directly or indirectly.

Staying ahead of the competition

How To Stay Ahead in Your Niche

The competition in the online world is very high, which indicates that it is necessary to always go the extra mile to attract more visitors to your website. The live chat feature is perfect because it is suitable for the customers that purchase goods or services from you. Appropriate responsiveness is something that is expected by people and this is the best way to always be reachable, no matter the working hours. It is very important to stand out in the crowd of businesses from around the world and implementing live chat is just what is going to help you achieve this goal.

Increasing customer loyalty

Building a brand’s reputation is very important, as it creates a stable number of returning customers. All of the customers around the world are looking for a brand which can be trusted. The live chat opens a window of direct communication with your customers in real time. Make sure that your customer support agents or sales agents are trained to communicate appropriately, as it is going to significantly affect the amount of returning customers.

Building customer loyalty is something that is very hard to achieve, but by utilizing this software solution, it is going to enable your business to grow further as more users are going to receive all the important information they need and purchase your goods or services.

It is an efficient solution

Live Chat is Cost Effective

Having a direct channel of communication with your customers in real time was something unachievable in the past. Luckily, as technology has improved this is now something that is becoming widely popular due to several different factors:

1. Much faster than email – it is a much easier form of communication compared to other solutions which were previously used. Customers want their answers immediately, which makes the email channel completely obsolete and useless for fast correspondence.

2. More efficient than call – some would argue that calling customer services is the best way of finding information, however, the majority of problems that occur are labeled with unique codes which take time to be read, whereas they can be copied in the chat more easily. Additionally, the frustration of having to wait before a customer service representative answers is something that live chat eliminates, as all of the agents can simultaneously help several different customers.

3. It is cheaper – live chat does not only make your customer service more efficient, it also lowers the costs of phones calls which can be quite high as the number of customers grows. Due to the fact that your customer service takes less time for every customer, your business is automatically saving money, given that time is money in the business world.

Always make sure to follow the latest technologies and implement them in your business strategy, customers are surely going to notice it.

Truly understanding the customer

Market Research - AltusHost Tips

The live chat feature gives the agents a chance to get to understand the target audience that is attracted to your business. More importantly, in combination with big data, your company can collect data about customers and improve its services continually, which leads to an increased numbers of sales, improving conversion rates and profits margins of the company. Over time, live chat can become a powerful data collecting tool, which can significantly improve your business.

These are the major benefits that a life chat software solution can offer, directly improving your business’s conversion rates. The main goal that you should always strive to is customer satisfaction and this tool is the perfect way of achieving this goal. Educate your employees about customer communication and implement this software, the results are going to change the growth rate of your company.

How to Provide a Superior Customer Service

One of the most important parts of every business – no matter the type – is customer service; actually, the business-to-customer relationship. This can both build you up and tear you down. Hence, paying attention to how your customers feel and keeping them happy should be one of your top priorities. To successfully do this, you should offer a high-quality customer service, or improve the one you already have.

Customer experience is a reflection of your business, so it could be either good or bad. This is what you would be known for. For example, if a customer is satisfied with the service you offered, they would leave a positive feedback and spread the same information via word of mouth.

Unfortunately, not every businessperson has this in them. Some have a natural instinct for good customer service, while others have to learn it step by step, through trial and error. What you have to realise is that customers are like you. Treat them how you would like to be treated. Give them the option to speak up, share their opinion. This, and some other things are key to great customer service. Here are some more tips and tricks on how you could provide the best one possible.

1. Give them a Chance to Speak

Ignoring your customers is the worst thing you could possibly do. Not giving them a chance to share their thoughts, and not acknowledging their existence, is a sure way to kill your business. Therefore, make sure you put away time to listen to them. Also, provide a platform where they could leave feedback. Perhaps a comment section, or social media profiles; actually, they could be great for this.

Moreover, you should have a special customer contact form via which they could contact you. Having a live chat box would be a great idea. It offers a chance for them to get immediate help and a response from you, which is much appreciated. In any way, the point is to be open to the outside world, not hide from it.  

2. Respond Quickly

If you do get regular feedback, make sure you respond to it. Plus, if you constantly receive questions, make an effort to practice quick response time. For instance, if your business has a Facebook or Twitter profile, customers would be able to send you messages or mentions that include questions about some aspect of your business.

Once they send it, they expect an answer in a few hours or less. Do not take a whole day, or worse – days, to answer. This would generate bad publicity with your audience. Being quick is essential, particularly if the customer’s request is time-sensitive.

3. Award the Best Customers

Generating a vast number of followers can be a difficult task. They could come and go as they please. That is why you should treat them nicely and award the ones who are the most loyal. For instance, you could create a loyalty program that would provide awards and special offers to those loyal customers. Maybe you should give out discounts, or give away free stuff if they buy more expensive items from you. Just think about how airlines have their frequent flier programs – the more you travel with one airline, the better your experience will be because of the amenities that come later.


4. Get Familiar with your Customers

The better you know the people you work with, the better your service will be. For instance, remember your customers’ names, their preferences, etc. From their feedback, you could garner information on what type of products they would like to see and why. Maybe you could fulfil some of their wishes and give them what they asked for. Surely, this would score you a lot of points with the customers.

In order to get familiar, you should read their comments, emails and messages. Moreover, you could organise events where they could gather and get to socialise with the people who run the business. Plus, learning from behavioural data analysis would be more than beneficial.

Obviously, it is not that hard to build a relationship with your customers. All you need is a bit of time and good planning. Make an effort to talk with them, plan their experience and offer rewards. Giving your customers the full package is what would make them more than happy, as well as build a good reputation for you.

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