There’s an app for that! Can Software really be used for writing SEO friendly product description?

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There’s an app for that! Can Software really be used for writing SEO friendly product description?

Online businesses are running successfully by communicating exactly what they deliver through their product descriptions. When a user visits a website, he or she needs just a few milliseconds to form an opinion about your business.

If the website fails to express key features and benefits of a product at the very first glance, the user will already be at the door leaving, my friend.  So, let’s all agree here that good product description has a significant role in reaching higher conversion rates.

Getting a rocket high conversion rate is the ultimate goal of every online business. No question about it. Yet, there are many different factors affecting your conversion.

Some of them you can directly control, so, jump right on the business.

Like, for example, writing amazingly good SEO friendly product description.

This would set forth the most relevant features and make it understandable to your target audience, and crystal clear to potential customers. How exactly your product can make their lives easier and better? Tell them.

Business managers and marketers carefully plan this. It is a technique and a thing of experience. Content about your product on your landing page has to be perfect and well-measured.

Of course, eCommerce websites are free to select a format for the product description. It can be a plain landing page with all the information listed at once or separated in tabs for easier manipulation. Whether you’re using WooCommerce or any other application, you can easily look for some valuable product details in tabs.

The WooCommerce Custom tabs pro is one of worth mentioning tools that allows you to categorize useful product information in different tabs, thus beautifying the landing page.

Aside from displaying product description, what else should be in the center of your attention?

Yes. Content creation.

You can do a lot of creative handwork by yourself, but some apps can come in handy.

Believe it or not, there are numerous applications that either write content for you from the scratch or spin existing text and make is unique. But, let’s face it, it is machine written. It doesn’t have emotions, desired tone or approach to attract someone to try your product or service.

Result: No orders.

And you don’t want that.

But how software can be used to write product descriptions?

Apps are everywhere.

We use them when we need to communicate, to remind ourselves to water the flowers, to find out what cool song is that and even to simulate blowing candles on your cake, goddamnit.

But for most of the time, apps are making things in our lives much easier and faster.

When it comes to content writers, software is used to create flawless copy that would be good for both users and search engines.

Humans and machines.

There is a bunch of applications for writers out there, helping them either at the stage of composing a sentence or making it completely typo-and-grammatical-errors-free.


Writing, rewriting, and scraping the content

Writing is associated brainstorming about a topic or product and coming up with amazing taglines and descriptions. Without any doubt, readers still like to read the content written by flesh and blood humans, not by the bots. In general, writing is more about emotions and realities rather than plain and random text on the internet.

Applications can generate a piece of content by evaluating a keyword, but it certainly can’t understand the needs of your targeted audience.

Copywriters, who are still on their writing beginnings and often lack inspiration, can try Articoolo. For example, if you enter a keyword “Armani Women Jeans”, it will draft a general paragraph about it. However, the perfect description needs more than a generic stream of words. You’ll need deeper product insights.

Besides from making content around a particular keyword, you may also find rewriting and scraping tools like Spinbot or quite helpful. These applications rephrase a paragraph and give it the impression of a brand new piece of content. Using such paragraph may attract a number of visitors from the search engine, but will fail to deliver a proper message of the product or service.

So, try to write your very own and original content and just refine it with mentioned editing tools.

Editing, proofreading, and finishing

The first draft of a product description is a mix of its key features, and most of the times it’ll need further editing and finishing. As an experienced writer, you are well prepared and quite familiar with terms that have to be used in writing for a specific topic. Should I mention that for SEO friendly product description, accurate grammar and sentence structure are an absolute must?

Content writers, of course, are welcome to use editing and proofreading tools to remove typos and errors. Widely available tools for this job are Ginger, Grammarly, Correctica, etc.

hile above-mentioned apps may not provide you the ultimate solution or completely accurate English, they do a quite good work in highlighting most of the major mistakes. So, let’s say that those apps could be used for first product description draft that saves time and paves the way for the editorial team.

Readability and SEO friendliness

A fine selection of words you use in your content truly matters. Especially when it’s readability and SEO friendliness comes in mind. The content marketers widely use Hemmingway app or real-time content analysis tool by Yoast to find how much their content (product/service description) is readable.

What these apps actually do?

They simply replace complex words with easier ones. That way, your written content would be a lot easier to read and understand.

Also, readability is a huge factor in making your piece of content SEO friendly. Search engines like Google, Bing, DuckDuckGo tend to rank a web page higher if it has easy-to-understand content. You can pursue a higher readability score to ensure everyone gets the message easily.

Final Thoughts

Writing a product description is a process which goes through different phases: understanding the basics, evaluating the key features and the purpose, and it’s target audience.

In terms of writing, in general, different software can be used as it completely depends on the purpose of writing. But, product description writing is a whole lot of technical information, where every feature needs to be in a logical sequence.

For such work, you’ll need an experienced and vigilant writer, because missing any of the unique-selling-point in the description may result in a higher bounce rate. Once the content is created, writers can utilize the above-discussed software just to remove the errors and refine it for perfection.

Paul Simons is an experienced digital marketer with expertise in UX design consultation and conversion optimization. He has an experience of more than 7 years in understanding the key elements in boosting sales of different companies. Currently, he is working as a marketing team lead in FMEAddons.

Long tail keywords –  A Game Changer in Today’s Marketing


All those thingies people are most likely to type in their search bars while googling. Simply, we want results that are just the perfect (or near perfect) match to things we are searching online. Keywords are crucial for every online business, blog or a website as they can drive web traffic, boost sales and increase conversion rate.

Some keywords are based on a single expression or a word while some are — long tail keywords.

Long tail keywords are the combination of, let’s say, three or four phrases visitors are more prone to use when they are close to a point of purchase. They are more specific, intuitive, but still offer high conversion value if you know exactly how to use them.

Let me break this for you with an example:

Let’s assume you are a home appliances company. You earn for a living by selling stuff people live with everyday in their homes. In this case, simple keywords like “appliances” or “electronics” doesn’t bring you much honey here.

Why? – Online competition is as strong and big as Hulk is, my friend.

But, targeting that future customer of yours by focusing on specific, long tail keywords such as “Best home appliances in San Diego” or “Affordable home appliance company near Dallas” may actually put your business on top of search results.


Importance of Long tail Keywords in Marketing


Even marketing isn’t what it has been back then. It changed dramatically in the last decade or so.

We live in digital era, and long tail is a totally new technique.

What is it all about?

Oh well, nothing much, only that this concept has enough potential to influence all of your branding and marketing efforts.

In this day and age, segment markets are incredibly overcrowded and competitive as hell. So, at the same time, those businesses intense enough to sustain themselves, are on the right track to earn some huge profit, as they are able to seek tailored marketing campaigns and offer way more customized product and services.

To make your business survive out there, you need to use every possible marketing strategy. Long tail keyword is the fundamental step of any marketing action. It doesn’t quite matter if your target is SEO or PPC — if you tend to overlook this, believe me, you’ll lose your target customers and regret for a lifetime.

Benefits of Long tail keywords


As mentioned above, it can be hard for a marketer to high score with random generic keyword when it comes to search engine optimization. Take “furniture” for example. It is nearly impossible to rank high in this case, but try “contemporary art-deco semi circle furniture”. Much easier to rank now? Yup. And it even has large enough market to operate.

1. Faster Ranking

More and more business aim for long tail optimization. Why? Because these types of keywords have a better rank. They do? Yes, because of weak online competition in this domain. It is one of the most effective ways to empower your business and gain really strong brand awareness. This is particularly important when your goal is to become the ultimate go to resource for certain topic. It goes without saying that it can also save you bunch of money, precious time and energy by allowing you to enjoy more traffic, sales and conversion rate.

2. Make Your Marketing Efforts Eaaaaaasy

Long tail keywords usage means that you are focusing on your particular niche, that you’ve done your research and now, you have a great understanding of your customers. This whole scenario makes every other marketing activity more effective and fruitful for your business.

3. Higher chance of conversion

Visitors you are getting to your website or blog will be better targeted and so — more likely to be interested in what you have to offer them. Be wise! Give SEO a chance to shine. You will be grateful the moment your long tail keywords take the spotlight and acquire relevant traffic and conversion rate.

4. Increasing ROI

Long tail marketing means: personal touch, customization and treating each visitor differently. It offers less competition that will increase opportunities and directing highly specialized traffic towards your website. In a nutshell, long tail optimization is a must in strategy for increasing your ROI.

5. Lower Cost

By targeting the long tail, specific keywords in your marketing campaigns you can get higher page rankings on search engine without giving a whole fortune on advertising.

DO’s of using long tail keywords 


– Research, Research, Research.

– Identify all possible keywords that match with your business or website

– Competitive analysis.

– It will give you an opportunity to rank your website well.

– Create unique, relevant content using the long tail keywords.

– Keep the keyword density appropriate.

– But, DON’T overuse the keywords.

– Optimize your website for that targeted keyword term.

– Keyword optimization is not a magic stick that will work overnight. It needs time and experience.

– Heck, arm yourself with some strong will and patience.

Long tail keyword optimization is crucial and advanced part of an online marketing procedure. It enables marketers to make their very best by offering potential customers user-friendly online experience. If your website doesn’t show on web search tools, you won’t get desired traffic and sales.

To put it simple, long tail keywords offer a specific and effective search presence leading to profitability, cost efficiency and sales increase for both new or seasoned businesses out there.

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