Brand Building: Use the Most Out of Social Media

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Brand Building: Use the Most Out of Social Media

Creating something from nothing is an exhausting task, even today, when we are so used to technology making everything easier for us. Saying that the internet should be the main focus of every business is old news, but keeping up with the latest trends seems almost impossible nowadays. Branding has moved on – it went from simply establishing a name through branded products or services that feature a catchy logo and have a nice brand story woven around them, to creating complex marketing strategies that combine offline and online methods.

When you want to make your business something worth mentioning and respectable, and make your efforts cost-effective in the long run, you have to work a bit harder than you used to. If you want to build your brand in a virtual surrounding you’ll have to be updated and ready for a change at any given time. In order to accomplish this, you’ll have to step out of your comfort zone and step into the world of possibilities called social media marketing.

The First Steps towards the Goal

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The word “change” appears to cause shivers among many business owners, yet it doesn’t have to be that difficult at all. All you have to do is constantly learn small tricks of the trade. Don’t be ashamed to take a closer look at what your competition is doing, or what the big companies do in order to stay on top. This way, you’ll be able to find the right fit for the foundation your future actions will be based on.

Take a closer look at your previous online actions and campaigns, do the math on what works with your clients, what brings you new ones and use the data to your advantage. Keeping records might be the key to knowing in advance what you need to repeat and what you need to alter for your benefit.

The best thing about social media marketing is that you can’t lose too much financially, yet you’ll have your analytics either way and you’ll know what never to do again if you mess up. Even if you fail once or twice you will gain experience what will lead you towards your ultimate goal.

First Things First: Focus on the Simple Stuff

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Before you start working on any type of social media promotion for your brand, make sure that you’ve covered the basics first. By that I mean your website, logo, company goals, value proposition, the initial idea driving your mission and, of course, a carefully defined target group.

The visual part of your presentation is the first thing any of your leads or clients will notice, so don’t use too many distracting images and colors. Write your about section as simple as you can, filled out with information everyone should know, i.e. the things you are proud of and want to be remembered for. Make sure that your goals are clear, your story trustworthy and engaging to the type of people you want to attract.

All your social media channels should be named the same, displayed on your website and they should link to one another. Maintain all of them and use the resources each provides you with.

Traditional Ways and Why You Should Forget about Them

Brand building on social media outposts received a major boost through the use of hashtags. Every social media network has included them in their interface as an easy way of bringing people with the same interest closer, and yes, hashtags did the trick, but only to a certain point. The thing is, you will get the initial attention, but since hashtags don’t give a followup to your potential leads, or any feedback as a matter a fact, at the end of the day your brand won’t be remembered, meaning that you will have failed in your mission.

Another method that is still popular is simply using paid content. With good targeting, you’ll be able to attract people and increase your follower base, but again there is a limit to it. For instance, traditional Facebook ad appears on the right side of the news feed, which can easily go unnoticed or simply avoided altogether through the use of an ad-block app.

Lastly, an often used way of leveraging social media is linking all of your different profiles together. It’s great to have every account updated regularly, but let’s face it, it’s tiresome. Repeating the same content will just make you come across as a boring, uncreative business owner.

The Real Deal

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Earlier I mentioned Facebook ads as one of the ways of running your campaigns. What people rarely use, but can actually bring you a bigger audience and better feedback is a simple Facebook offer. With this option, there is a better chance that your ad will be seen, since offers appear in the newsfeed instead of on the side of it. Every click on it takes your leads to the current campaign and Facebook automatically sends them an email with all your info and relevant links. Yet another advantage of the offer is that it can be targeted better.

Statistics show five times higher engagement than classical ads and the follow-up info provides a richer perspective of the brand. Once the people have subscribed to your mailing list don’t use it for typical spam content, but make sure each and every digital letter you send out contains info about your other campaigns led over other social media channels. Keep in mind that quality is always better than quantity.

Many theorists consider LinkedIn outdated, emphasizing the limited reach towards leads. That might be true when it comes to personal profiles, but with a company profile, the reach can be expanded to a wider audience by using personal profiles of every single employee alongside with your own. The best part of a company profile is an option that gives you closer contact with your followers. Every update can be targeted to a specific branch for free. This way, you won’t be bothering every follower with each and every update or campaign you are leading, just the ones that they might be interested in it.

Another great approach is sharing. Don’t be selfish when it comes to new discoveries and useful niche-related information – give them to your audience through blogs and webinars. The effect is simple, you would be making yourself a teacher in your field, giving your clients a place to learn and at the same time improving your outreach and credibility. Webinars or video conferences will show that you are open to the public. Good social media interaction means transforming your target group into a community.

Trust and reliance are gained faster, and at the same time the brand grows, setting itself high on the business ladder. Always ask for your users’ opinion without hesitation. This is not a sign of weakness, but a way to show that you want to learn more about your followers’ needs.

Once your client base is more or less settled, you can show appreciation through occasional giveaways, which can be promoted through all the different social media websites. Likewise, free tokens of trust in material form won’t only cements your status, but will also bring new prospects straight to your lap.

5 Visual Apps For Making Social Media Content Go Viral

Greetings, Reader.

It gives me great pleasure to introduce Nancy Grace to you. Nancy is a social media writer at who also contributes for hundreds of other blogs. Her articles predominantly focus on social media and are widely followed by readers from all over the world. Read her new post right here on our blog!


I’m a person who likes to work on the go and was in constant search for applications that will provide me with the flexibility I’ve always wanted. What about you? Are you looking for applications, that can help you create impressive visual content while you are on the move?

Well, you are in luck! My hard work paid off when I was able to find apps that helped me create images, videos, and animations which are of professional quality.

Here, I would love to share a list of five applications that will be a great fit for both professional and personal use.

1.  Piktochart

Is my content boring? How do I make it more engaging?

These are the questions I have always encountered when text and statistics constitute the foundation of my content. But, to my surprise when the text, pictures, and the graphs came together the there was more engagement! It dawned on me that infographics are a powerful medium. It has about 30 times more probability to be read than regular content.

Creating infographics on Piktochart

It is also important to notice that creating infographics can be time-consuming and challenging for people with less knowledge about software like Photoshop, Illustrator or Coral Draw. So it’s not easy to create infographics in limited time. That is when I stumbled on Piktochart.

The app makes the job easy with several templates and icons. It also opens up an opportunity to customize your infographics the way you want. I would recommend Piktochart to give your content a visual edge. Creating engaging infographics will give your content the best chance to go viral. Piktochart is an all-rounder among visual applications as you can create reports, posters, and presentations as well.

2. Adobe Spark Video

Want to make a video that will stand out? Well, the software giant Adobe have an ideal solution for you. It’s an iOS application called Adobe Spark Video. Before using this app, I must tell you that my expectations were high. The application was named the app of the year in 2014 by Apple, and I must say it fulfilled all my expectations.

I have come across situations where I had to make a video that stands out and within a limited period. Videos can engage the audience better and convey the idea effectively. But, the only things that will be of easy access to us are our phones, and this application is perfect for such situations.You can create short animated, narrated videos. It is easy to record audio, add music, text, and photos and will help you effectively convey your idea.

Screenshots of Adobe Spark Video

In a nutshell, Adobe Spark Video is a storytelling application perfect for professional use. The biggest advantage is that it works with ease on your iPhone and iPad. The application has around 4 million downloads on the App Store as of now.

The only drawback I feel is that it’s not available for Windows and Android devices.

3. PowToon

Imagine you’re coming out with a new and unique product, it is necessary that your presentation also represents the same. When I came across a similar situation, I was pretty keen on doing something outside the box other than using the same old Powerpoint presentations.

PowToon’s website demonstrates creating animated videos

To my surprise, I was able to find the easiest and innovative tool to create amazing presentations and animated videos, PowToon. The application allows you to export the files to YouTube as well. You can also download the files in the MP4 format. The application is available on the Google Chrome store. It also has an application on

This app will help you convey your ideas quickly and ultimately boost your sales. If you own Chromebook or have Google Chrome as your primary browser, Powtoon is a must-have and it’s an efficient tool to boot.

4. Adobe Spark Post

Have you dreamt of using a Canva like simple graphic design application on your phone?

Well, I have, and my dream has come true in the form of Adobe Spark Post. I’m not a fan of being chained to my PC if I want to create graphics. This application enables me to exactly not do that. You can create pictures whenever and wherever you want. The application comes in exclusively for the iOS users. When you open the app, you can see examples of different genres. You can remix or take inspiration from the same.

To create a new image, all you have to do is to tap the “+” button. You can click a photo or select one from your photo library, stock images from Adobe, Creative Cloud or Adobe Lightroom app. Once you have zeroed in on a photo, you can choose the type of post you are planning to create.

Screenshots of Adobe Spark Post

The one feature I loved the most about the application is I was able to make custom made images, suitable for each social network. I was able to create images for Instagram, LinkedIn (including the cover image) Facebook (including cover photo), Twitter (including header image), Pinterest posts, YouTube Video thumbnail, Facebook ads, or blog posts. You can also give your specifications like aspect ratio and sizes or edit palette, design, and filters.

5. Tweetroot

If Twitter is the platform suiting your business, then Tweetroot is an essential application. It is a free iOS application that allows you to create tag clouds. I feel tag clouds are great because it provides navigation to visitors and welcomes them with instant illustration. These tag clouds will be made exclusively from the tweets of a particular account.

When I gave the app a try, all I needed to do was authenticate it with my twitter account.  Once it’s done, you can create tag clouds. Paint roller, text icon, slider icon and the check mark allows you to change the palette, change the font, number of words and placement and save your tag cloud respectively.

Screenshots of the app Tweetroot

Another impressive feature I noticed was that I could save the image to my phone or share it to various social media accounts. You can use this application to highlight the top words from your competitors’ Twitter feed and tweets related to your industry. So, it’s not just a visual tool, but an excellent tool for research as well.

6. Word Swag

Word Swag is an intuitive and versatile mobile application. It transforms any piece of text into a well designed shareable visual content. Word Swag has very cool templates that enable you to start from scratch – create an image and add text. In short, when I encountered the application for the first time I was able to get visual content of professional quality. And this was with just my phone!

The application was of great help to me as I was not well versed in Photoshop or Illustrator. I feel this app has the capability to create amazing text-based visual content. You can do it in 3 minutes without even getting out of your comfy bed with Word Swag like I did.

The application is ideal for social networks like Instagram or Facebook as you can create/crop images in 1:1 (square shape). You will also get different typography templates with the app. You can upload photos or click it directly through the app as well. There are some starter images (backgrounds) available which will help you to choose the font and font color you want.

Features of Word Swag

MS Powerpoint, Adobe Photoshop or Adobe After Effects, etc. are the preferred software for creating visual content. But, the applications you discovered today through this article can help you create content much more quickly and easily. For me, rather than sitting in the office the whole day, I could get my job done while riding the subway or the bus. I feel that these applications are a notch above the rest because of the easy to use interface and availability of templates. These applications also let you share to various social media platforms.

Applications like Tweetroot focus on Twitter, while Word Swag focuses more on Instagram. At the end of the day, if you are a business professional, you have to decide which social media you are targeting on. Take a look at this iDigic article to find out which social media platform will benefit you the most and choose visual apps accordingly from the list above.

For the everyday commuter who has a busy schedule, these visual apps are a boon and are sure to help.

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