8 Social WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Blog

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8 Social WordPress Plugins to Improve Your Blog

Plugins are boon for any platform to increase, their visibility through online platforms. There are many social WordPress Plugins available for increasing the ranking of your blog. Download such Plugins from the platform and install it for optimization at the right place and method. Listed below are just some of social plugins you could use to improve your WordPress blog visibility:


It is one of the popular social sharing plugins for WordPress created by Elegant Themes. This Plugin allows you to choose from more than 20 social sharing website including LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Buffer, Google+, etc.

You can easily customize sharing tabs for users and arrange various social media network websites over the platform. And if discussed with respect to the location these social media buttons can be located at various places like above & below content, Automatic Pop-Up, Floating Sidebar, etc.

Jetpack Sharing Module

The plugin once implemented for supercharging. Developed by one of the communities of WordPress has incredible features integrated into them. The Jetpack Sharing module supports all major social networking platforms and providing URL shortened also supports wp.me. For using the plugin, you need to activate the module of Jetpack settings through your platform.

Content Resharer

The plugin does allow various site owners for scheduling automatically and resharing the blogs on Twitter account to increase the social traffic. If you are using the free version, then you can use the same only at a single account. It allows the content to be reshared automatically.

The website does have multiple options to be shared, and you can make it simple or as you want to go for. To get more engagements do use images and at the time you can exclude hashtags and categories for increasing the results.

Fuse Social floating Sidebar

This is one of the different plugins to be used for sharing as the same have buttons that floats while scrolling down. The ability to float allows the social share bars to get maximum shares.

The tool is lightweight, fast and slim to be used for social sharing. The users can experience a clean and pleasant drag and drop interface for organizing their social networking websites.

One of the remarkable feature found with this plugin is the same loads quite fast, do know the plugin doesn’t load until the page content is not fully loaded.


The plugin has excellent features to explore through. It does allow the social buttons but does allow the various posts to be displayed with it. The user can have a look at detailed analytics, and the plugin also supports the URL shortener software like Bitly.

The plugin officially supports Google Analytics and Google URL Shortener. Shareaholic is a great plugin, and during its launch in a go, they had more than 2 million downloads.

Click to Tweet

The WordPress Plugin is free to use and invented by Co Schedule Team. The Plugin is said to building and creating the tweetable content for the readers.

The Plugin helps in customizing the messages and pulling quotes inside the blog posts and also highlights the contents and make it simple for them to reach and share through Twitter.

As Twitter is one of the best and quite popular social networking websites, so do not forget the most famous networking site and optimize your content at the same too. While creating your content do remember to do it right with Tweeter as it will be easy for the readers to read it through also.

Pin It

Pinterest is a new passion, and if checked by 100 million people the Pinterest found to be one of the favorite photos sharing websites.

After Google, Pinterest is found to be one of the signs used search engines today.

Social Warfare

Social Warfare is one of the customizable and fast social media plugins. The same has loads of features and is also considered to be one of the useful methods of sharing in the market.

Unlike other sharing plugins the buttons are quite attractive and do not slow down your website, and their addition takes a look and feels of the site to another level. There are many social media websites that you can select through them and go forward today.

These eight social WordPress Plugins are quite useful, and each one of them contributes its best through sharing the blogs on various social media platforms. Some are available at free of cost while for others you need to unlock some of the features to have full control.

Undoubtedly once integrated they are good to go and will help your blog to grow in a manner you always have through off. So, do look forward to a feasible plugin to integrate into your platform today.

About the author: Garima Pachauri is a free thinker and enthusiastic writer. She writes for MoneyConnexion blog and her expertise is in Business, Career, Social Media and Health-related content.

A Fool-Proof Formula for Easily Creating Compelling Content

Maybe you are wondering why your blog posts or entries aren’t getting the hits that your previous entries were used to getting. Writer’s block is a challenge that most folks have to contend with, especially when you are in the business of creating dynamic and fresh online content each new day (no surprises here). What is the secret to keeping your audience always coming back for more? Even the best struggle keep the well always refreshed, and it is easy to get lost in a myriad of frustrations if you are not able to keep your existing audience or grow your numbers.

Structure, planning and research are the key points that you should always remember when you need to create awesome content that retains and multiplies your viewership and readership. You can write as much as possible, but if you don’t adhere to these three tenets of successful content creation, you’ll fall into the frustration trap. The importance of creating such content is important because then you will always convert that readership into leads and those leads into sales.

So what exactly is implied by structure, research and planning? Instead of inventing new ideas all the time, it is possible to synergise and use the statistics that you already have and mine data from those statistics. Mine data from those statistics you say?

Readers leave a trail of data that you can always use to your advantage and to better your content. You already know what you customers are reading, and you can focus the lenses of the microscope some more to get some more insights on what they need and read. Getting insights into readership doesn’t translate into some generic categorizations like adults, late teens or generation ‘y’, rather, it means categorization by actual readership of the content that you post and the reviews of these.

Looking at your site’s most popular posts will give you a pretty good idea of what your audience reads on a daily and wants to see. In other words, if you look through your posts you will see a trend that draws something akin to a popularity graph. The topics may either be subsets of each other or may have similarity in some of the content that is being represented. Once you have seen a pattern emerge, you can use those insights to create new content related to what is already giving you hits.

Once you have figured out what the audience wants you now need to create a headline that draws them right in.

The header says it all. Most of your sales conversions will be generated by captivating headlines that create an initial and solid impact. Sean D’Souza talks about creating compelling headlines from angles such as;

1. Question based as opposed to answer based headlines

2. Problem based vs. solution based headlines

3. Headlines that are emotive (make the audience curious?)

It’s easy to get lost in the grandeur of your own work and think that it will most certainly work. That’s great, but you can also check what works for other sites. Always remember the following tips when creating your headlines as well:

– Your content and your headlines will be searched, specifically on Google and other search engines. How do you make those searches work for you? You want to rank well in those searches so that people can find you and your posts. The key obviously comes down to search engine optimization. Your SEO strategy should always complement your content marketing strategies.

– Maximize and position your headers. Statistics show that out of 10 people who read a headline, only 2 will move on to read the rest of the article. Thus, you are seeing that the headline is a powerful tool to strategically position your article in the search rankings of engines such as Google and Bing, and also to compel the audience to look at the rest of what you have to offer.

– Link your content to social media pages. Let’s face it, most people would rather access articles and other information from their social media pages as opposed to doing organic searches on the internet it’s no wonder companies such as Facebook are spending huge sums trying to attract content on their platforms. You have great content but you want to rely only on your Word press blog? Not going to work. You need to share that content on your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn pages. Your connections are people who know you well (for the most part) and they can relate with you and the story that you have to tell. If you are creating content for a corporate, maximize the connections that your employees and their families and friend provide you with.

– The actual content is the most important part. Hooking your reader with a great header is one thing, but making them love your content is a different issue altogether. As mentioned, there are different approaches that you can take when creating your content. Draw your audience in by addressing a problem that they can specifically relate to and then drawing them further in with a solution. Provide insights and personal experiences that address the same issue or something vastly related. Let your platform allow readers to share their experiences because this is the best way to learn what customers want to read. The platform will allow your readers to share their ideas and provide different insights, and in so doing you have killed two birds with one stone.

– Lots of writing is always a good thing or you as a content creator, especially if you can get different and fresh perspectives on your platform. Which means you need to do lots of writing. How do you make you platform become an integral part of your readers’ lives? By creating fresh and unlimited content that they can relate. Have guest blog posts and let your readers enjoy each other.  

Finally, find a system that works for you!

About the author: Raymond Bennet is a freelance content writer from Carol City, Florida. He graduated from the University of Miami and started his activity in creative writing. Currently working at OkEssay.co.uk – writing service for those who need a resourceful assistance in their education.

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