Host Your Online Business on Dedicated Servers – Here’s Why

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Host Your Online Business on Dedicated Servers – Here’s Why

Let’s go straight in the head with this one.

When you think about developed online business, your first thought probably wouldn’t be web hosting, at least not as a backbone to it. But the truth is, reliable, strong and secure servers are as important to your business as your employees, ideas, products and services.

Web hosting should be one of the crucial components for any serious business trying to make it on the wild wild web.

Which is the exact same reason most businesses will spend quite some time in hunt for the best hosting service for the job.

When 365/24/7 accessibility and online security are in question, random web hosting provider and weak and overcrowded servers — just won’t do.

Let’s imagine you run an online shoe shop.

Business is good. Your online platform is user-friendly, secure and stable.

You chose your web hosting carefully. It suits your needs, it follows the rules of online business and necessities of the industry.

However, those businesses in search for more direct power and control, may need a specialist co-op who offers dedicated hosting.

A shared hosting is typicallу the option most websites out there are likely to work with. And it can be just the thing they need while business blossoms. Then, they can easily switch to VPS.

But there’s a catch, though.

Shared hosting can’t quite offer you the unwavering security and uptime that basically, goes by default with Dedicated server hosting.

To understand completely why, the heck, a Dedicated server hosting would be the best possible solution for your business, let’s list all those advantages of using this type of hosting.

1. Selectiveness of Server Resources

Not sharing your server with others, simply, means that only you have the final decision and complete control over how those assets are appropriated.

Why is this important? – Well, because the stress and sweat over how your fellow server roommates could be (mis)using it, is long gone with Dedicated hosting. The floor is completely yours. No more data transfer capacity constraint and no more backing off your server. Wіth a dedicated server, you are the main man who chooses which applications, scripts or projects will keep running on thе server. This, of course, means only one — superior security for your online business.

2. Upgraded execution and security

X-men level of security offered by Dedicated server hosting, rather than Shared or even VPS hosting, is one of top pros for picking up this sort of server. Additionally, choosing a dedicated web hosting provider, gives you the ultimate uptime for your site.

Yes, shared hosting could be the bеѕt solution for sites with low to medium activity. In case уоur website gets a considerable amount of visits or overall site activity, however, think about switching to a dedicated server. It’ll provide you with way more stability, security and unwavering quality than any server with hundreds of different websites on it will ever do. With all due respect to all shared hosting solutions out there.

With a dedicated server, you can relax a bit.

Rest assured that your website won’t be an easy victim to a vindictive site or a potential spammer. Dedicated hosting permits improved safety, essential for organizations working with touchy data exchanges over FTP or SSL. This sort of iron strong security offered by dedicated server is important for organizations dealing with delicate and/or personal information on a daily basis. Nobody likes unwanted leaks, hacks, malware. Nobody wants their identity to be stolen, right?

3. Dependability and Performance

As you have already figured out, using dedicated server is like renting a home solely for yourself or your family. You don’t share space with other families in the building.

With unlimited access tо your own server resources, server downtimes are near to become a thing of the past. Meaning, your website’s accessibility is, clearly, expanded.

People choose managed dedicated server, so that they never have to fight with system administration, responsibility or techy inconveniences completely by themselves. Let professionals handle what they do best, and what are, as your Managed Dedicated Web Hosting provider, paid for.

4. Dedicated IP address

Every server has its own unique IP address.

That means nothing to you? Let’s break it up a bit.

When you host your site on shared hosting, you inhabit a flat in a building with lots of other people. And all of you, share exactly the same address with only one difference: apartment number. And that is your IP address. Every site on shared hosting will have a similar IP.

On the other side, living in a house comes with one unique address. Just like renting a dedicated server.

With separate IP, you can relax and breathe in the air. No activity of other server users (like on shared or VPS e.g.) will have a single impact on you. No stress on that side.

Additionally, having a dedicated IP is a must  for eCommerce websites requiring SSL for handling sensitive data and credit cards.

5. Technical Support and System Administration

No matter how skilled and experienced system admin or a web developer you are, wild is the internet.

It can easily happen that you get blindsided without any solution to the problem. Intelligent and eligible round-the-clock technical support is a real lifesaver in these situations. Specialized professional will always be there to help you.

Should You Invest in a Dedicated Server?

If you have the need for it, yes. Stating the obvious, but you get it.

And, without a doubt, shared hosting is way cheaper thаn dedicated one is.

This sort of investing deserves careful consideration and well-thought decision. Take your time, calculate your costs.

If you have a simple food or fashion blog, and you don’t consider or even anticipate serious development at any point in the future, shared hosting or VPS will do you good.

But, if you own an online shop, huge news website or a game app, with lots of potential critical situations and scattered traffic, get yourself a dedicated server. Please do.

No question about whether you’ll need it.

‘Till next time, lot’s of love from AltusHost!

AltusHost New Website

AltusHost Launches New Website


On behalf of the entire AltusHost team, it’s a great pleasure to introduce to you our new, improved and more user friendly website design!

It has been five years since we have developed and published the first version of our website, so we decided that it was time we upped our game and introduced you to a whole new look of our digital being.

We at AltusHost are keen on providing our services in the best way possible, with the highest imaginable rate of passion for what we do. As a privately held company which isn’t driven by profit and multi-investors, we have experienced all the perks of doing business in a such competitive field.

We have been meeting our client needs for quite some time now, and next to our amazing staff who works over the clock to provide such quality service, we have only you to thank for that!

Thanks to your support and your trust, these days AltusHost has more than 10.000 active and satisfied clients all around the globe.

Once again, thank you for that! We truly appreciate it!

As you can see for yourself by visiting, our new website is full of cool new features that are solely implemented there to make it easy for our clients and potential clientele to see what we’re all about, what’s new with us, and where do we see ourselves going from here.

Our new site has several new easy drop down menus in the bar with all the necessary and updated information about our company, hosting packages and other services. One of our main goals with this new design was to build a simple and intuitive interface that will, above everything else, make it easy for you, the people who are interested in our deals, to find what you need from us in a matter of seconds.

Next to the obvious changes, we have focused all of our energy to making our website a pleasure to use on all sorts of different sized devices. is from now on mobile responsive, so you could easily use it while you’re on the go.

William Pollard, a famous British writer, once said: “Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement.” Guided by the words of this mentioned author, we have decided to take a bold step forward and start working on various new and exciting things.

Next to the new website, we are planning to introduce to you our new:
– European DDoS protection services
– Remote Backups
– Advanced Spam Protection Features

Our Dedicated Servers and Shared Hosting offer is also refreshed, but for now we are still focusing our energy on “custom tailored” solutions for our valuable clients.

Why? Because we know that custom made suit still fits best 🙂

But, wait. That’s not all. Are also starting a company blog on which we’re planning to share all the tips and tricks we have learned during these last five years about web hosting, security and running a successful company. Excited? I know we are…

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. We would love to hear your feedback on our website, so, if you would be so kind, please share your thoughts with us by emailing us at [email protected]

Honestly yours,

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