5 Tips for an Effective Business Development

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5 Tips for an Effective Business Development

When it comes to developing a new business, the most important of all the factors needed for effective and successful business development is a proper business plan. Without a business plan in place, all of your efforts might go down the drain, no matter how comprehensive your business strategies are.

Not having a business plan in advance is one of the most common mistakes a lot of companies make, and they seem to simply keep their eyes open for any chance for potential change, innovation, new market or new business trends. They simply go with the flow and make changes along the way, without planning anything upfront.

You should never leave anything to chance, especially not your business. You strive for success, don’t you? You work hard for your business to become a lucrative source of revenue that will bring stellar conversions and help you become an influencer in your industry, isn’t that right?

If that is the case, you must have a proper business development strategy and, more importantly, a business plan with the goals you want to achieve.

Take a look at the following tips that will help you develop your business strategy and avoid making some of the most common mistakes business owners make, ultimately leading you to an effective business development plan that will help you get your business to the top.

Hire a Full-Time New Business Development Manager


Business Development Manager

If you have an employee or a team of employees dedicated solely to managing new business development – great! It is incredibly important to have someone who will focus completely on the process of prospecting for new clients by advertising, networking, making cold calls or creating any other kind of opportunities for growth, instead of expecting your employees to pitch in when they can or even waiting for new clients to come to you.

If you don’t have an employee in your workforce with that kind of responsibility, you should hire one as soon as possible. If you cannot afford it, you should have your team devote some time and resources to seeking out new potential clients.

The best way to successfully accomplish that is to develop an annual business growth plan that will contain all of your goals regarding business development, along with your strategies for growth and your desired revenue.

Only when you start taking your business development seriously will you start getting better results, so don’t leave it to chance or treat it as a side-project, but make it one of your top priorities for business growth.

Know Who Your Ideal Customer Is


Customer Identification and Targeting

If you have no idea who your ideal customer is, you will not be able to breed any positive results from any of your marketing campaigns. Not knowing who exactly you are marketing your products or services to will not make any of your efforts pay off, let alone help you generate more revenue.

You need to know exactly who you are looking for, so that you can target potential customers and tailor all of your marketing efforts in order to successfully attract a certain demographic.

Identifying your target audience is one of the most important steps towards a successful business so, if you are running a business without knowing your ideal customer’s profile, how do you expect to actually grow your business and bring actual value and revenue to your company?

Therefore, define your ideal customer and target the right type of audience, so that you can bring in quality leads and conversions and increase your sales and ROI.

After you have learned who you are marketing to, conduct some research regarding the channels where you can reach out to your target customers and showcase your business to them. You shouldn’t merely wait for them to find you, but instead, establish a presence on their preferred channels and market your products or services there.

Know Who Your Competitors Are


Learning from the Competition

Even if you are not the competitive type and don’t have the tendency of competing aggressively for more customers with other companies, it is very important to learn about your competitors.

Knowing who your competitors are will enable you to differentiate yourself and stand out from the crowd. What’s more, you can perhaps learn something new that can help you improve your marketing efforts and attract more quality leads.

This is why it is essential to learn what your competitors are doing to grab the attention of customers and how they are managing to engage and convert them.

Therefore, you need to learn who they are and what they offer, as that will help you learn how to make your brand stand out and become unique.

Don’t Talk Too Much about Yourself


Talking about your company and brand when reaching out to your potential customers is fine, as long as you don’t try to oversell it. Customers can smell that from a mile away and they will feel as if you are trying too hard for the mere purpose of generating more money, so they will likely rather move on to your competition.

Therefore, when marketing your services or products, focus on talking about the benefits your customers will experience if they decide to purchase from you or hire your services, rather than talking about your product features or only talking about your company and your business ideas and beliefs.

You need to address your customers’ pain points and present them with the exact solutions to their problems, as that is exactly what will help you capture their attention and engage them in your brand. Trying to oversell your brand will never yield any positive results and you will come off as caring only about the money and not about your customers.

You need to show your customers that you care about them and about satisfying their needs, instead of only thinking about boosting your brand and growing your business. By doing that, you will build trust with your customers and inspire customer loyalty, which will help you ultimately turn your customers into your brand ambassadors.

When you manage to build a strong relationship with your customers, you will boost your reputation and greatly enlarge your customer base, which will help you grow your business and eventually generate more revenue. Just remember that focusing only on revenue instead of on your customers and meeting their needs will not help you achieve your goals quickly and develop a successful business.

Use a CRM Tool to Manage Your Business


Customer Relationship Management

Customer relationship management is extremely important for every successful business and it is crucial that you have the best approach to managing your interaction with existing and potential customers.

Without a proper customer relationship management approach, you will not be able to efficiently organize your marketing efforts, your sales and your customer service. That is why you should use a CRM tool for managing your business, since it will help you accomplish much more with less time and resources.

Using a CRM tool will help you save a lot of time and make the process of your business management significantly easier, as opposed to using Microsoft Excel, for instance, as your main CRM or not using any of them whatsoever.

Efficiency and time management are incredibly important factors that help you stay on top of prospecting and a CRM tool can greatly help you raise the levels of efficiency and productivity within your company and save quite a lot of valuable time, not to mention money.

There are many useful CRM tools that you can use free of charge, so consider starting out with one of those before you invest your money in an expensive software solution that might turn out not to be the best fit for your business development.



Growing a successful business is certainly one of the most difficult and challenging endeavours you can take, but with proper planning and implementing strategies that can significantly help your business stand out from the crowd, you can build a strong brand that will help you attract quite a large number of quality leads that you can effectively convert into your most loyal customers.

By having a proper business plan and developing the best possible strategies for business growth, you will manage to build a strong reputation that will enable you to hit the bullseye with your every marketing effort. Promoting your products or services will be child’s play and it will result in a constant flow down your sales funnel, thus generating more revenue and increasing your ROI.

Therefore, make sure you always follow the aforementioned tips, as they are certain to lead you to effective business development that will always breed positive results and help you build a strong customer base and expand your business.

4 Tips to Improve Customer Support Service of Your E-commerce Business

Being as dynamic as it already is, the market has become saturated. It is harder for ecommerce businesses to attract and retain customers. Startups are struggling to generate leads and get a chance to increase their revenue. Many ecommerce establishments are trying to drive traffic to their sites by optimizing their landing pages, check-out procedures and customer support services.

Somehow, business owners count on already established customer support procedures, without any further consideration in terms of improvement. It is of great importance to understand that a well-functioning customer support department is crucial for your business to reach success.

There are many tools that could improve your support services. By taking advantage of a variety of them, you will be able to cover all possible issues. Here is the list of tips on how to improve your customer support service.

Be up-to-date with Emails

Customer Email Management

You will build more confidence with your visitors if you provide a contact email address with your company info. Another way is to have a contact form on your web store, where visitors can submit any questions relating to possible issues. Make sure to encourage them to write an email by writing an honest and personalized story on your About Us page.

While your business grows, you will be getting more and more emails every day. So, it is of the utmost importance to have a separate mail address for customer support purposes. Only then will you be able to organize which emails you have to respond to. For instance, Google’s Inbox offers many options on how to organize incoming emails.

Start Using Social Media

If you don’t have accounts on at least 2 social media platforms, you’ve got to go and create them as soon as possible. You should also add social media buttons to your online store. By staying active on social media, you will be able to answer any related questions in no time, and your customers will be able to see how responsive you are because of the notification system every social media platform has.

For starters, you can focus only on one platform, as it will be easier to get used to it. In time, when you feel confident, you can cover all social media sites. This way, you will reach more customers. If you find it to be too hard, you can try using social media management tools.

Optimize for Mobile Platforms

Customer Support & Mobile Optimization

Stay trendy and quickly adapt to new challenges, and you will be able to grow a successful e-commerce business. There are currently more users accessing the internet via mobile than via desktop or laptop.

You should focus on getting a responsive website design. You want every inch of your website to be clearly visible and easy to navigate on all screen sizes.

Implement Live Chat Software

Live chat software is a very small investment which can, in return, generate many benefits for your e-commerce business. It will increase the average time a user spends on your web store. This will lead to a better ranking on all major search engines. In the end, this will result in generating more leads than ever.

Another benefit of this software tool is that it deflects tickets, emails, and phone calls, thus relieving the pressure from your support team, especially if it is only a one-man team. Being there to address customer issues in real-time and leading them through the purchasing process, you will gain more trust, which results in customer retention and may lead to an increased number of customer referrals.

Compile Data and add a Frequently Asked Questions Page

If you decide to try these tips out, you will end up having a lot of valuable data. You can use it to identify the common issues and questions of your customers. Also, you will be able to discover the weak spots of your online operation. Utilize this data by creating and adding a FAQ page on your online store website and write some helpful guides for your customers.

As you can see, all these tips are not that hard to integrate into your e-commerce business plan. In return, you will provide your customers with top-notch support. There are many tips on how to improve your customer support, and they can be found online. Feel free to look for them and read them through.

A customer support service is something you always have to keep up to date in order to meet the needs of people that are interested in buying your products or services.

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