Growth Hacking: What Is It and How Can It Improve Your Blog?

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Growth Hacking: What Is It and How Can It Improve Your Blog?

Growth hacking has become a very popular term ever since it was used by Dropbox’s Sean Ellis back in 2010. The term stands for incredible business growth over a shorter period of time. Of course, this all became possible owing to the latest technological advancements. In the past, every business was physically limited to a certain degree of expansion.

Nowadays, as over 2 billion people are constantly present online through several social media networks, growth potentials have tremendously increased. However, you need to have a true innovative expert on your team or you can simply mimic the tried and true methods that are used by the top gurus in the business. A good thing is that growth hacking can be applied in different lines of work, including a blog, and there are several important steps you need to take.

What Are The Actual Things That Bloggers Should Do?


Blogging is a hobby that many people enjoy, but there are only a handful of people who really achieve incredible levels of traffic. There are simply too many factors that contribute to the amount of traffic on your website, and you will need several growth hacking techniques to make this dream come true.

Many traditional techniques are still good for attracting more traffic. For example, running a Twitter account is a very important method that brings tremendous traffic to a variety of blogs. Especially if you decide to use automation software that helps with sharing posts on that social network. It’s the cumulative effect of a number of small growth hacks that will get you the results you want.

Can One Person Handle It All?



In the past, a good marketer’s top quality was creativity. It is equally important now, but things have grown so much that it is nearly impossible for one person to have it all. A much better solution is to outsource some part of the growth hacking strategy, or hire a team that specializes in a particular online marketing strategy.

It is very important that the team focuses on constant traffic growth, applying various methods and testing their outcome. Metrics play an important role in business and using as many methods of measuring progress as possible is tremendously important, as it is going to give you a more precise overview of your growth.

Another important quality the team needs to possess is the ability to constantly shift between various growth hacking methods. Being creative and hardworking is not all that makes a good team, the essential thing is that they should be always looking for the latest methods that are giving good results. Following popular trends will tremendously increase a blog’s traffic.

So What Should Actually Be Done?



Once you have the right team, everything else is fairly easy. The point is to have a clear plan of things that need to be done. Defining goals is the starting point. Finding unique topics, creating quality content, and determining the amount of articles that you will post per week are the first few issues you need to tackle.

The amount of content is important, but its quality is more important, because an interesting read is what is going to keep visitors on your webpage. This is why brainstorming ideas should be an important part of the whole growth hacking process. The next thing is to ensure the right amount of external links leading to your blog.

Pitching to a great number of bloggers and other popular websites is going to give you a clear idea of who you can collaborate with. This is very important, as it is quite hard to get reputable websites to post your articles in the beginning, but with a lot of effort, the quality of your content and sheer persistence are going to give you a fair chance of getting through to the right people.

Creating a good amount of links, through creative and fresh high quality content is going to get you a lot of readers, since your website’s SEO is going to shine. Depending on the niche, different forms of growth hacks can lead to an even higher amounts of traffic.

Eventually, it all comes down to how much of your time you dedicate to your research and creativity. Growth hacking requires a lot of brainstorming, but it certainly creates incredible results. For a start, check out how some of the best growth hackers promoted brands that are quite well-known these days thanks to their efforts.

Crucial Benefits of Blog Marketing for Business

A lot of business owners nowadays have many misconceptions and uncertainties when it comes to business blogging. Some of them share the belief that it takes too much effort and time to successfully launch your blog marketing platform to promote your venture, and that the return of investment is very small.

However, business owners who use blogs on a daily basis will say that they are very easy to create and maintain once you have managed to create your audience and gain stability.

In order to submit a certain post properly, you may need form 10 to 30 minutes, depending on how much experience you have with that platform. However, if you put in this much time, your posts will have a better and more reaching effect. So, here are the biggest advantages of having a blog marketing campaign.

Marketing Channel For A Low Cost


Blogs are a very cheap asset, and in many cases even free. Additionally, they can be built into already existing websites very quickly and easily. They are also maintained through dedicated hosting sites all around the internet for a very low cost or no cost at all.

Usually it is recommended for a web business to create its own domain for the blog in order to raise the awareness about the brand itself. It can also make it easier for people to find that blog, memorize it. And, it also looks more professional.

Great Tool For Building A Network

Each and every business organization needs to have a network of its own. In fact, there are two networks needed, an external one, connecting it with customers and other companies, and an internal network between coworkers and divisions.

However, for an organization to stay in contact with so many different people, it takes a lot of time. This is where a blog comes in, since it is very quickly written (especially if you are closely connected with the subject matter) it can be used as a powerful tool for reaching thousands of people anytime, anyplace and without spending a lot of resources.

Improves Company’s Visibility

3This is a subject tightly connect to networking, as blog marketing helps a company greatly by making and keeping it visible to potential customers. Because of this phenomenon, next time a partner company or a customer is in need of services or products that you are offering, they will have your business in mind.

One of the reasons why blogging provides visibility are links. Blogs on-site can be linked to some other areas within that site, however, off-site blogs may link directly back.

As you create your blog it may come to your mind to exchange links with high traffic blogs in order to add more traffic to your blog and increase your search engine results.

Exposing Your Products


In order to make your products “mainstream”, you will have to implement blog marketing. Your product line can be the main subject around which your company’s blog revolves. Make it a place where customers and potential consumers can get educated on what types of products you sell, what features they have and you can announce news about brand new products.

Blog related product advertising is not limited only to your website’s blog. There are thousands of blogs on the web that basically cover all subjects you can think of. Another way to market your business is through guest blogging. You will have to pay a capable blogger to write reviews about your services or show off your products.

There are various blog networks such as Sponsored reviews, where you can make the most out of a huge network made of bloggers who work on a pay per post basis. By doing this, you can grow product awareness without having to invest a lot of money, and use this option only when it matters and you have something big to share.

Before you create a blog section on your site, make sure that you build it properly. Design your site nicely and power it up with a good hosting service. Blog marketing is rapidly becoming an essential ingredient for a company’s web future. The minimal resources needed to have a proper campaign, both time and money, combined with huge room for exposure – all this means that blogging is always worth the effort.

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