Entrepreneurship Done Right: 7 Strategies You Need to Have Developed

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Entrepreneurship Done Right: 7 Strategies You Need to Have Developed

Business leaders worldwide are the cause of envy for a lot of people – they have a very well-paid job, a gorgeously decorated office, a team of employees who follow their instructions, etc. Most of all, it’s the power that people find so desirable.

However, that power comes with a lot of stress, caused by a wide range of responsibilities. As a business leader, you need to have a vision, and you have to be able to take care of every single individual in your team.

For that to happen, you need a highly developed skill for planning secure strategies that will lead your business to success and enable your whole team to grow and expand. Therefore, if you nurture a strong ambition to become an entrepreneur, there are (more than) a couple of things you should know.

Team Building Strategy

Without a team to stand behind you, you can’t do anything. The road to success is paved with teamwork and mutual support, which is why your startup strategy should be to build a team with strong potential. Considering the fact that experienced professionals will require a significant paycheck and that startups don’t have this kind of budget commonly, you should transfer your focus to young people who are eager to work, talented and educated.

For a team to be able to function properly, you’ll need time. It’s people you’re working with, not pieces of machinery, which is why they will need time to get to know each other and develop a supporting and trusting professional relationship.

Other than various team building activities you can introduce, like playing sports or going to karaoke nights, you should also conduct an experiment and see how they will react under pressure. My suggestion is to do this in the early stages. So, limit them with a strict deadline and you’ll be able to gather the precious pieces of data necessary for further development.

Quality Increment Strategy

Having an idea is one thing, but I’m sure you’re aware of the fact how saturated the market is with similar or exactly the same ideas. Obviously, you need something to separate you from your competition and that something needs to be quite special.

The fact is that many businesses decrease the quality of their services and/or products as they expand, which is why they tend to lose a lot of their customers/clients. A mistake like this can and will cost you your business.

So, that one thing mustn’t happen – the quality of your offer, whatever it consists of, shouldn’t decrease. The first ones to notice that will be your audience and they won’t give you another chance because they will most certainly go straight to your competition. The only way to go here is up, so always have a strategy that will help you raise your worth.

Branding Strategy

Unfortunately, there are a lot of highly talented people who are able to create smart innovations that save time and energy, but their work doesn’t even see the light of the day because they aren’t able to present it properly.

If you can recognize yourself in this picture, you have two options. One is to wait for a miracle to happen and for your work to be discovered and recognized, which might not ever happen. The second one is to put yourself out there and take that risk.

In the world of entrepreneurship, this is done by branding and it is done with careful calculations and planning – a strategy, if you will. People like brands and they stay loyal to them because of their relationship with customers/clients, because of their attention to detail and attentiveness, and because they have a satisfactory offer. And, these are just the three most important pillars upon which you should start building your empire.

Brand Management and Promotion

Efficiency Increment Strategy

As your strategy for branding develops, the amount of work your team will need to do will increase significantly, and no matter how little experience you have with leading a business, I’m sure you’re aware of the fact that you shouldn’t say no to a good business opportunity.

When your office starts overflowing with work and when deadlines start building up the pressure, you should have already gathered a team you believe in. Constantly expanding timeframes and having your work returned for additional alterations will lower the success of your review rates and that will leave a permanent stain on your reputation.

You need to be realistic about the overall capabilities of your team and be aware of the help they might need and the right moment to provide it. Having a training program within your office is one way to go – this way, you’ll be able to hire new people you yourself trained with confidence, and you’ll always have an extra hand. Another way is to go with outsourcing mechanical and repetitive parts like data entry, which will save you a lot of precious time and enable your team to maintain and increase their efficiency gradually.

Expanding Strategy

The fact that the market is highly saturated directly affects the following scenario – if you have been standing in one place for quite a while and nothing seems to be happening, you’re not only stagnating but going backward. The world of business is developing quite fast, and if you’re missing out on updates, it’s a matter of minutes before you become old news.

Every business leader needs to strive towards constant expansion. Whether you’re hiring new people, expanding your list of services, introducing new products, or opening for new department in your office, it is a certain investment in the future of your company.

However, timing is everything here. Having new employees which you can’t pay out in time, releasing new lines of products that aren’t complete or offering a service you can’t deliver will obviously lead you to bankruptcy. Therefore, this is another strategy that requires your full attention – expansion is a necessary step and it needs to be created with a lot of thought.

Growth Hacking Strategy

Well, this is more of an attempt than a strategy, because growth hacking isn’t really an equation with a certain result, but you should give it a go either way. Advertisers who managed to put their business on the map because of growth hacking did it thanks to the internet and the fact one of their methods went viral.

I’m sure you’re familiar with what kind of news can gather the world’s attention in a matter of minutes – it’s all kinds of random things which can’t really enable us to create a rule book for growth hacking. It’s an uncertain strategy and your attempts may be in vain in the end, or incompletely successful, but it’s definitely worth a shot.

In the meantime, a way for quicker growth is very similar to the methods you would use to increase the overall efficiency, as we previously mentioned, and other than people, you should also put your focus on smart pieces of software which can make your delivery process faster without it affecting the quality of your work.

Growth Hacking Strategies - AltusHost

Advertising Strategy

Advertising is quite a science now and its methods might be manipulative because they are mostly based on the human subconsciousness, but we won’t get into that right now. There’s a simple purpose to marketing – to put you on the map, enable potential customers to get in touch with you and help you create new partnerships.

The importance of quality advertising is priceless, and if you don’t have the funds to have a special department dedicated to developing a fresh strategy for you constantly, you should do your research carefully and see what marketing agency can meet your requirements and fit your budget.

You should also know that advertising requires constant work because conducting a branding strategy and stopping there won’t get you anywhere. This is why it’s necessary for you to make constant efforts to keep the attention of your existing circle of clients/customers and attract new ones.

There’s one more thing I’d like to mention – this desirable job title will require a lot of patience if you aspire to succeed, so it’s quite necessary for you to be able to deal with stress, anxiety, and pressure if you don’t want to damage your health.

All of this seems like a lot of work, and it really is. Being a business leader comes with an extensive job description and you should be confident about your strengths before you enter the world of entrepreneurship. Being fully prepared for this job is a very important precondition and you should take your time, develop your skills and expand your area of expertise until you’re ready to lead a team and be a serious competitor to existing businesses. Good luck!

Why Business Owners Should Plan for Failure and Not Success

When you find online advice aimed at entrepreneurs, most of it will focus on things like investing, creating a business plan, refining products, etc. Although these are very important aspects to cover when running a business, there is also another side to the whole story. People like to consider and prepare only for good things that might happen to them in their business endeavors. It is important to dream about success, but you won’t get there if you don’t plan for failures as well.

Bear in mind that the majority of start-up businesses fail in their starting years. And, if not prepared properly, they are likely to close down soon after they open up. By changing your mindset, you will find it easier to recognize the biggest business issues and prepare financially, emotionally and intellectually, to make the necessary steps in case a certain business endeavor fails.

Planning For Failure Is Not Wrong



You might think that this is somewhat paranoid or negative. On the contrary, planning for disastrous situations only makes you smarter than the rest. First of all, let’s get something clear, there is a huge difference between thinking that you are going to fail and preparing yourself for failure. These are two completely different things.

When thinking that you are going to fail, you will discourage yourself and hold back growth. Being prepared means making practical decisions and thinking about all possible outcomes, so that you can prepare and motivate yourself.

In many ways, this kind of attitude can also encourage you to make more progress, since being prepared removes fear and gives you confidence to keep going further. Additionally, if you are honest to yourself and if you think about your future, it will be much easier to identify the mistakes you are making along the way, and correct them as you go.

You Will Look At Things More Objectively


Businessman with strong muscled arms

Starting up and being a leader of a business can be a very emotional and difficult experience. The majority of entrepreneurs feel like their company is their “baby”, since it’s something that they started and took care of since the very beginning with utmost devotion. By preparing yourself for worst case scenarios, you can balance the whole thing.

How exactly can this be done? By planning for failure in advance or considering exit strategies, you will start looking at facts and possible negative outcomes, becoming more objective and analytical in your actions.

You will get a much better perspective if distanced from your business organization, as it will be much easier for you to look at your company from a customer’s or an investor’s standpoint. Generating ideas will be much easier and you can also notice all the errors you’ve made because you were too emotionally invested.

Moving On Will Be Much Easier When Planning For Failure



Preparing and considering all possible outcomes can help you handle hard blows that might happen in the future. A big part of being an entrepreneur is making mistakes, understanding where you went wrong and dealing with them. Everyone makes errors, and it’s impossible to make everything run smoothly without a hitch. You have to learn to overcome your failures quickly and learn from them, so that you don’t repeat them in the future.

It’s highly unlikely that your first start-up will instantly take off. This is why you must be prepared to deal with current problems and adjust to make progress. Plan financially, mentally and emotionally, and remove your personal feelings from it as much as possible. This is the only way to recharge your energy and keep dealing with new business affairs. When I first started optimizing my e-commerce store, we had a lot of problems, but we kept our heads cool and made things work in the end. You need to learn to roll with the punches if you want to overcome adversity and succeed.

Nobody wants to face failure, but this is one of the important parts of being an entrepreneur. Cover all the aspects of running a business such as marketing, business growth strategies, hiring capable workers, and you won’t have any major problems. The important thing is to keep moving forward and not let the mistakes you’ve made discourage you. Best of luck to you on the road towards success.

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