Content Strategy for Your Blog – Rank Worthiness, Engagement, and Relevance

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Content Strategy for Your Blog – Rank Worthiness, Engagement, and Relevance

The best way for your website to generate more authority is to have quality content and a good content strategy. However, we still need to establish what is considered quality content, or rank worthy content. We also need to explore what drives audience engagement and what they find interesting and relevant. So, the following article will share some insight into how to create engaging and rank worthy content, and how to allow your target readers to discover it. This will allow you to have links with greater value and better traffic on your website.

Rank Worthiness


Let’s say you want to rank for a particular keyword, or a few keyword phrases, but at the same time, you do not want to end up with a meaningless piece of text that nobody finds useful. The first thing you need to do is abandon the notion of keyword density. You need to mention your keyword in your title, maybe in one subheading and then allow it to pop up naturally within the text. Your focus should be on topic relevant keywords and keyword phrases.

So, you need to find which other topics are tightly connected to your keyword and include them naturally in your text. Simply google the desired keyword and see the top ranking article and which topics they covered in their articles. Basically, you should do the same.

You might be thinking that simply retelling content that ranks high will make your content rank better. Well, that’s not entirely true. You still need to provide a satisfying user experience in order to be deemed worthy and, if you only copy what was already said, then users might just go for the original content.

Your best bet is so the called 10X type of content. Basically, you explore the topic from a different angle, one that hasn’t been explored so far. Your content needs to be a natural follow-up to the existing content base. In other words, people need to learn something new and useful from your texts, videos or infographics.

Engagement Tactics  

Since user experience and bounce rate also have their role to play in the whole ranking game, you need to somehow bring your audience to see your post. Well, the best thing you can do is to allow users to naturally discover you in order to satisfy their curiosity. You can do this by finding other blogs that have topics relevant to your content, and see if you can get a guest post there. If users click on the link and see something useful on your site, they are bound to stick around and see what else you have to offer.

Don’t go after every possible blog with high authority, but pick those where you can fit in effortlessly; don’t force your links. Additionally, don’t limit yourself to only those sites that allow “do-follow” links, since high domain blogs with “no-follow” links are also good if your target audience is there.

Social Media Engagement


If you do not have social media pages or accounts that represent your blog or website, you are missing out on some great user engagement potential. Even though social networks do not influence ranking directly, no business owner, big or small, ignores their potential. A majority of your user base is on social networks and they like it when they can reach out and ask questions via the messenger feature. So, if you have a responsive profile, it will definitely be a plus.

Additionally, you can share your content there, boost your posts, and get additional exposure, which is always great. You can use all sorts of online tool to help your networks grow, and to help you maintain your profiles. Just make sure you post pictures of your workplace, and your team members; basically add some human touch to your profile. This is important because, otherwise, your profile will look like a bot page, and people really hate that.  

To sum up, you need quality, or the so-called 10X content and you need to actively try to bring people in to see it. However, at the same time, you need to advertise in a non-aggressive manner, and allow your users to discover you on their own. You only need to position yourself at all the right places.  

5 Simple and Effective Tips That Will Help You Improve Your Website Design

If it takes more than 5 seconds for your visitors to figure out what is it that your company does, I believe that it is high time to reconsider the layout of your website.

Your website should have proper hosting and it should be set up so that it can clearly “communicate” with your audience and tell them what your company does and how and why you do it.

If your bounce rate is high, then your problems probably lie in the key elements of your website.

A high bounce rate on your website is a warning sign that something is not right with it, one possible answer being that you are not sending the right message or that this message is not quite in line with the services or products you are providing.

Here are some simple and effective tips you need to follow to make sure that your website is going in the right direction.

Create a Plan

The most important thing is to first create a plan. Don’t just immediately do a redesign of your website.

You need to make sure that it meets the needs of your visitors, so recreate a customer’s journey from them first visiting your site to them becoming a customer.

What are the pages they are viewing, what content are they reading and what are the things they are going to pay attention to. All of this will help you in designing your website in such a way that it effectively turns a good deal of your visitors into customers.

Clear Out All the Clutter


Some elements that are on your website may be distracting the visitors from the message you are trying to get across. Consider removing any complicated animations you might have on your website, because they can be causing it to load slower.

Visitors have a short attention span, so don’t give them a reason to leave your website. Media and animations on your website should be there only to support your well-written content.

Another important element that should not find its place on your website is unnecessary jargon and too many buzzwords with no real meaning. No one likes it and it makes the visitors roll their eyes, so avoid the words like, cutting edge, next gen, mission critical, because those words are out there on thousands of other websites.


You should include social sharing and follow buttons on your website so that it would be easy for your visitors and audience to share and follow the content you have displayed.

Include this on every page of your website – landing pages, homepage, blog and even on your newsletter and marketing emails.

Good Photos


The photos that you are going to use on your website often do not go with the message you are trying to convey to your visitors, and even though this has been said too many times before – do not use stock photos.

These photos will not look professional, as the photos on your website are supposed to be representing the people that are employed in your company and your corporate spirit.

Make photos of your office and your employees, capture them when they are doing their everyday tasks, like talking on the phone or working on something at their desks.

Work On Improving Navigation


Your website should be able to facilitate a positive user experience, so simple and intuitive navigation plays a key role in good website design.

First, identify how long the visitors stay on your website. Make it easy for your visitors to find what they are looking for. Your visitors can easily switch to your competitor’s website, if they need a map to get around yours.

All in all, it is all about being found, and your site should be SEO friendly, so that you can improve your online presence.

Develop an SEO strategy and take into consideration all the search keywords that your potential customers will type in when searching for the services or products your company offers. Also, develop a strategy for creating quality content that will be relevant to your visitor’s needs, like blog articles and videos. You should ensure that your website is backed up with a good hosting solution with excellent up times, so that you don’t find yourself losing traffic because your website is down.

I hope that you will find these tips useful and that they will help you when improving the overall design of your website.

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