Generate More Leads With The Help Of These B2B Email Writing Tips

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Generate More Leads With The Help Of These B2B Email Writing Tips

This year SmartInsights website published the statistics compilation, clearly showing that email marketing remains as effective as before, no matter how much internet changes over years. This means that B2B emails are still one of the powerful lead generation tools – assuming you can use them right.

Writing emails that indeed reach the audience can be tricky, just like any other kind of writing. But just like any other kind of writing, it can also be mastered once you know about the tips and tricks. Essay writing services provide tips for students who struggle with coming up with strong cause and effect essay topics – and I want to ease your struggles, offering some tips on B2B emails writing.

1. Make the most out of the subject line

Did you know that emails with personalized subject lines are opened 26% more likely than the ones without them? Of course, you aren’t always able to come up with a personalized subject line for every client – but you still need to work hard on each one you use.

Every person receives plenty of emails each day, but most of these emails often are sent to trash without even being opened. Most often this happens because the subject lines aren’t powerful enough – and that’s what you should avoid.

A perfect subject line has to be:

– concise;

– short;

– personalized (or at least having an element of personalization);

– raising curiosity.

Sure, such lines aren’t easy to write but various online tutorials can help you do so!

2. Make this look urgent.

Maybe you’re writing to inform a customer about a new deal, to announce some discounts, to tell about the release of a new product or service. While presenting urgency is not possible in all of these cases, in most of them you are able to make your readers act at the moment.

Don’t miss the chance. The truth is that while many of your customers might be interested in acting, they still won’t do so unless they feel it has to be done quickly. That’s why it’s also important to remind them when a discount or a deal is about to expire or when a product they’re watching is about to end – this could stimulate action as well.

3. Minimize distractions.

There’s a tendency to use graphics in emails these days – and while the idea itself is good, it isn’t always done the right way.

What you need to remember is that people tend to read emails from mobile devices now – and that’s why it’s wise to review the whole approach to design and formatting. What worked effectively on laptops and PCs once, might not work as good on mobile devices. For example, big chunks of texts might not look too impressive on large screens but could look too overwhelming on smaller ones. Graphic images placed before the main text can distract attention, especially when viewed on tablets and smartphones.

The main principle of modern email design is to keep it as simple as possible. The same goes for formatting and for the style.

4. Remember that benefits are more important than the features.

Listing all the features of a product or a service might be especially tempting when a new one of them is revealed. However, that usually doesn’t work effectively enough with the customers. While they might be interested in the features, they still could not find them convincing enough.

They are, however, better convinces when presented with the benefits of ordering a product/purchasing a service. Don’t tell them what your product/service can do – tell and show what it would be in it for them personally.

5. Invest time into CTA creation

Even if you think that an email itself encourages your customers to act, it’s still better to guide them. Maybe your CTA will the thing that’ll help them make a final decision. Maybe it would show them clearly what do they need to do next: for example, call you, place an order, and so on.

When you include a clear CTA in your email and work hard to make this CTA as prominent as possible, you demonstrate your customers what they can expect from you as well as remind them how they can act now.

Sometimes even the smallest details and slightest changes can make a huge difference. That’s why it’s always important to analyze the result of your work, to experiment, and to repeat what works well enough for your clients specifically.

Kevin is a professional educator and a private tutor with over 8 years of experience. He is also a content writer for various blogs about higher education, entertainment, social media & blogging.  During his off time, Kevin enjoys traveling and cooking. Feel free to connect with him on Twitter, Linkedin & Google+.

Content Strategy for Your Blog – Rank Worthiness, Engagement, and Relevance

The best way for your website to generate more authority is to have quality content and a good content strategy. However, we still need to establish what is considered quality content, or rank worthy content. We also need to explore what drives audience engagement and what they find interesting and relevant. So, the following article will share some insight into how to create engaging and rank worthy content, and how to allow your target readers to discover it. This will allow you to have links with greater value and better traffic on your website.

Rank Worthiness


Let’s say you want to rank for a particular keyword, or a few keyword phrases, but at the same time, you do not want to end up with a meaningless piece of text that nobody finds useful. The first thing you need to do is abandon the notion of keyword density. You need to mention your keyword in your title, maybe in one subheading and then allow it to pop up naturally within the text. Your focus should be on topic relevant keywords and keyword phrases.

So, you need to find which other topics are tightly connected to your keyword and include them naturally in your text. Simply google the desired keyword and see the top ranking article and which topics they covered in their articles. Basically, you should do the same.

You might be thinking that simply retelling content that ranks high will make your content rank better. Well, that’s not entirely true. You still need to provide a satisfying user experience in order to be deemed worthy and, if you only copy what was already said, then users might just go for the original content.

Your best bet is so the called 10X type of content. Basically, you explore the topic from a different angle, one that hasn’t been explored so far. Your content needs to be a natural follow-up to the existing content base. In other words, people need to learn something new and useful from your texts, videos or infographics.

Engagement Tactics  

Since user experience and bounce rate also have their role to play in the whole ranking game, you need to somehow bring your audience to see your post. Well, the best thing you can do is to allow users to naturally discover you in order to satisfy their curiosity. You can do this by finding other blogs that have topics relevant to your content, and see if you can get a guest post there. If users click on the link and see something useful on your site, they are bound to stick around and see what else you have to offer.

Don’t go after every possible blog with high authority, but pick those where you can fit in effortlessly; don’t force your links. Additionally, don’t limit yourself to only those sites that allow “do-follow” links, since high domain blogs with “no-follow” links are also good if your target audience is there.

Social Media Engagement


If you do not have social media pages or accounts that represent your blog or website, you are missing out on some great user engagement potential. Even though social networks do not influence ranking directly, no business owner, big or small, ignores their potential. A majority of your user base is on social networks and they like it when they can reach out and ask questions via the messenger feature. So, if you have a responsive profile, it will definitely be a plus.

Additionally, you can share your content there, boost your posts, and get additional exposure, which is always great. You can use all sorts of online tool to help your networks grow, and to help you maintain your profiles. Just make sure you post pictures of your workplace, and your team members; basically add some human touch to your profile. This is important because, otherwise, your profile will look like a bot page, and people really hate that.  

To sum up, you need quality, or the so-called 10X content and you need to actively try to bring people in to see it. However, at the same time, you need to advertise in a non-aggressive manner, and allow your users to discover you on their own. You only need to position yourself at all the right places.  

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