10 Myths About Instagram For Business

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10 Myths About Instagram For Business

Before we begin, let’s talk about the core problem: Instagram myths.

Who creates them? How could they impact your social media business? What should you know to make wise decisions?

Almost all stories about doing businesses on Instagram that do not have a solid evidence to support themselves are nothing more than hearsay. Well, when it comes to business on social media, it seems that everyone has a theory about how to get to the top. However, most of these theories are wrong.

Why? Because they are based on a single story of success or failure, at best. For example, a specific tactic may have worked really well for one business, but it may not have worked well for another. The truth is, every business faces unique challenges and has distinct characteristics that define the way it connects with the target audience.

Unfortunately, Instagram myths are especially common and can make it hard for you to figure out what is true and what is nothing more than a legend. Therefore, you should be aware of the most common myths to be able to bust them right away.

To help you with that, we have enlisted help of talented social media specialists from Proessaywriting. They have created a great infographic listing 10 most popular Instagram for business myths and explanations for each of them.

In addition to explaining the truth behind Instagram myths, the explanations in the infographic offer some valuable information that can inform your marketing strategy for this great social media network.

For example, one of the myths described in the infographic below suggests that posts featuring images are effective for producing great viewer engagement

Sure, who does not like seeing professional, stunning photos, right? However, the most high-performing Instagram posts feature textual material as well because it guides the response of the viewers or helps them to engage.

So, instead of focusing on making images work, your Instagram marketing strategy should harness the power of both textual and visual materials to produce great results.

But wait. Besides from that, there are so much more you should know about Instagram myths, including posting frequency, audience-building strategy (just wait until you hear the truth about that popular “follow for follow” strategy!), and others.

Let’s now review them in more detail and see how they can help you improve your Instagram marketing strategy right away.

Hope we will help you distinguish between true and false. Enjoy reading!


About the author: Lucy Benton is a marketing specialist, business consultant and helps people to turn their dreams into the profitable business.  Now she is writing for marketing and business resources. Also Lucy has her own blog Pro Writing where you can check her last publications.

How Instagram Can Be Used for More than Just Fun

Social media websites swooshed into the business marketing area almost overnight. Facebook introduced ads a long time ago and it is not that weird to see paid content all over your newsfeed. Using social media is more or less old news to marketing people. Still, not everybody knows how to use their online resources in order to boost traffic on their website or sell, using strictly modern ways of advertising.

What every modern business owner needs to know is that they should not stick strictly to Facebook. The saying “a picture is worth a thousand words” was not said in vain, so forget written content and think about the possibilities coming from a single, well-targeted Instagram photo incorporated with a good business strategy.

Relate your Business with your Profile

mobile phone social media

Your profile picture and description are the first things people notice. Separate your personal profile from your professional one, no questions asked. Your focus is on clients, generating quality leads and prospects, so keep that in mind. Envision your goal and your products and define them in a few simple sentences. Just take the “about us” page of your website, simplify it and put it on your Instagram profile. You can also include links in your description section; you can use it for any campaign you are currently running.

The profile picture is your trademark and it has to be a representation of what you do. It can either be your logo or maybe some version of it that is more appealing to a modern, more visually oriented market.

How Will You Attract People?

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The first and the simplest thing you should do is to connect your Instagram profile to your Facebook page. This way, you will instantly update your followers on both of your social media profiles at the same time. Some campaigns will be run only on one platform, but that shouldn’t prevent you from using other channels to promote them. Using hashtags on both networks will attract interested prospects, increasing your chances of getting noticed in the first place.

Expanding the fan base is what will bring you success. Associate with potential leads directly by following their actions. Interaction is very important for your network, so liking posts of people that follow you will surely bring your greater traffic and engagement. Showing interest for others brings their attention to you.

Stay in touch with trends on Instagram in order to adjust your campaigns according to the environment. For instance, if it’s Black Friday time, you’ll need to run some discounts for your clients. At the same time, keep in mind that the easiest way to attract people is by giving away some of your goods in exchange for shares, likes or mentions.

What Kind of Posts are Good for Business?

phone image snow

Engagement is most important, so the tips from the previous section are something you should always have in mind. Plain images have the greatest influence on people. All you have to do is follow a couple of rules, like dominant colors (in order to be noticed at all), relate the photos to the lifestyle of your business and schedule posting.

Two of these rules are “a must” when it comes to this kind of promotion. By analyzing trends and hashtags, you’ll relate your strategy to something that is socially considered as “cool”, at the same time gaining popularity among your client or lead base.

Another thing that could be tiring to many is the question of when. A simple look at your posts will give you a clear idea of when your actual clientele is most active, so you can plan all of your posts a week or a month ahead.

A great thing Instagram adopted from some other social media formats is videos. Within 15 seconds, you can explain just enough to attract the interest of the community. At the same time, you could use these short videos as an introduction to a longer story. If you relate all the relevant info, you’ll be able to get your clients to check you out and support your plan.

If these posts are embedded on all of your profiles, you can easily draw them all to your website, where the real deal is happening. Statistics show that most internet users, once they are on the website, spend a lot of time there. When you have potential buyers hanging around your website, your chances of actually selling something are way bigger.

Showing your human side in your professional surroundings will also bring more to you because people like feeling compatible with the people they do business with, no matter if they are buyers or partners. The employees working for you are the ones that make up your financial base, so it’s normal to give them credit. Posting images of your facilities, your employees doing their thing, a healthy working environment; these are all the things that make you a reliable business. By showing this to the public, you will expose yourself in a different way, bringing you closer to the consumers.

Inspire to Acquire

Instagram was developed for people who like aesthetics and imagery. With time, it grew into a totally different thing, but its essence stayed the same and that’s what every entrepreneur should have in mind when using this tool. The photos you are using for the promotion of your brand must turn some wheels with people you see as consumers if you want to actually get something from them. A well-presented case, with a simple picture, will create a foundation for any of your campaigns.

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