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7 Methods to Help You Write a Business Blog That Converts Leads

  • Category : Marketing
  • Posted on : Nov 08, 2017
  • By : Natasa Kilibarda
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Nowadays, most businesses are totally aware that writing a blog is a great long-term investment. Having a well-managed blog may even bring you considerable sales benefits. Therefore, as a business, you should take the time to create and maintain such a blog.

Only writing a blog is not enough anymore, complex blogging strategies are needed in order to lure potential consumers. This is exactly the reason why we prepared this article for you, in which we’ll present several tested methods of writing a business blog that converts leads

Posting articles on a regular base is definitely not an easy task.  However, it is essential in order for your blog to keep up with the latest market trends and topics of discussion. A recent study shows that if a company publishes at least three posts each week, they may earn 4x more traffic than a company who doesn’t. How can you take advantage of this situation? Let’s find out.

  1. Write About Relevant Subjects

First off, you should study your target audience because without an in-depth study of your main audience, you won’t know what content to write. Everything you distribute must be relevant to those who you’re seeking to find. Second, you should engage with your audience. At the end of your posts, use relevant call-to-actions for email opt-ins or for engagement through comments or shares.

Keep in mind, you shouldn’t promote your services/products directly through your articles. The articles you share on your blog are meant to generate leads, not to gather customers. As a blog writer, you may sometimes find yourself in a creativity impasse. Worry not, this is why services like AnswerThePublic exist – to make your life easier by generating insights which come straight from your audience.

  1. Clear Up Problems

Solving problems should be an important “quest” that you should take on in order to help your followers clear up their day to day dilemmas. Problems like “how to survive in today’s society” or “how to eat healthy” are common dilemmas that most people experience.

Therefore, as a blog writer, you should provide them with viable solutions for their problems. As you may have already seen, most blog posts nowadays are getting longer and longer. And this happens because people crave for more information concerning every subject. As a result, longer posts are 10 times more effective than short posts. Nonetheless, remember to avoid sharing all the information at once.  Give them the opportunity to find out more through your Call-to-Action (CTA) funnel.

  1. Make Sure to Include CTA

CTA must be included in all your blog posts. Through the CTA, you can invite people to webinars, offer them free eBooks, and ask them to subscribe to your channel. As you may see including the CTA in your posts is vital. Most persons who follow your CTA will, at some point, become loyal followers. Make sure to include it in a relevant and natural way in your post.

You may use your follower’s emotions to attract more attention. Even if it’s a little tricky it might work. Accessing your CTA should be seen as the right move to make in order to find out more relevant information. This feeling can be triggered by using all sorts of emotion from fear to love or hate.

  1. Use a Calm and Friendly Tone

It’s important to use a friendly tone because otherwise you might sound like a robot or a machine and this is exactly what you don’t want to happen. Keep in mind that all your posts should be presented with a human tone.

Present your brand values while bonding with your readers. You must establish a relationship with your subscribers and followers, and this is how you do it. If you are confused regarding this subject, make sure to check editing services like Best Essays or Hemingway App.

  1. Grant Perks

To generate more leads, offer your prospects different perks. You may grant them discounts or free eBooks. Whenever someone subscribes to your blog, make sure to offer them something in return for their personal information. Remember, offering free products is a great way of drawing more subscribers to your email list or to your social media channels.

  1. Remember to Optimize Your Posts

Optimization is extremely important if you wish to 

attract more organic traffic. Make sure to add business related keywords throughout your posts. There are tools like WordStream that may aid you in finding out the best options for your marketing campaign.

After finding out your core keywords, pick one and use it as a primary focus throughout your post. Use it in the title and in the first phrase. This will help your posts generate more organic traffic.

  1. Evaluate Your Traffic

Writing valuable posts is not the only thing you need in order to generate more leads. A rigorous evaluation of your traffic is needed as well. Monitoring the progress of the traffic can be easily done with the aid of Google Analytics. Via this potent tool, you may find out the

 number of visitors, their location, and their likes and dislikes. Becoming awa

re of all this information will make it much easier for you to find out which are your best or worst posts.

As you can see, owning and maintaining a blog is a great way of generating more leads. You should keep in mind that a successful blog demands time and dedication. Remember to use these 7 methodsif you wish to create popular content that will increase your organic traffic.  


Karen Dikson is a marketing expert and entrepreneur from New Jersey. She is an intuitive and creative thinker who is able to connect various thoughts into a single theme. Karen loves to stay up to date on the latest digital trends. Her works have been published on HuffPost and other business resources. Connect with Karen on Twitter.


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