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WordPress.org Vs WordPress.com

  • Category : Web Hosting
  • Posted on : Oct 13, 2016
  • By : AltusHost
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With every passing day, WordPress is growing and growing profoundly. With over 50,000 websites added daily, people are increasingly confiding in WordPress for their content management needs.

Simple and easy to use, presenting all the essential features; WordPress is widely used to create blogs and websites in virtually no time. Available in the form of WordPress.org and WordPress.com, you can pick either of them as per your need and convenience.

With WordPress.org, you get to enjoy all the useful features. Adding new and customized themes, integrating plugins to add more functionality and monetization of the blog are some of the notable features that you get by default.

The initial setup of the blog requires you to look for hosting provider and domain registration and also periodic maintenance but that’s worthwhile for the reciprocal value you get in the form of some excellent features.

WordPress.com is more suited to individuals and entities that have little time on hands and want someone to be managing things for them. With WordPress.com, you get that comfort.

Addition of custom themes and putting add-ons is however restricted. Using your blog for monetization purpose is also limited unless you upgrade for added features. Files and access to data is also in their hands but maintenance is not a worry.  

All in all, they have their own advantages and limitations.

Spending a few minutes on this wonderful infographic would certainly make it easier to understand and decide –


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