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AltusHost became cPanel Certified Partner

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  • Posted on : Dec 08, 2019
  • By : AltusHost
Altus Host

We are proud of the fact that we are cPanel NOC Partner since 2012. In 2019. we’ve become cPanel Certified Partner in order to match their new cPanel University certification requirements and deliver to our clients’ strong knowledge about cPanel software.

Earlier this year, just a bit before the new cPanel pricing list, cPanel announced a new certification program for its PartnerNOC companies. To help shine a light on those Partners that have gone the extra mile to ensure that their employees and support staff have been trained to sell and support cPanel & WHM software.

Partners achieve a cPanel Certified Partner status by ensuring they have the required number of cPanel University Certified employees and meeting the criteria set out in the program documents.

“The cPanel University is an online resource for everyone trying to learn cPanel & WHM, sharpen old cPanel & WHM skills, or prove what they already know. Leveraging the cPanel University to offer this extra recognition for our Partners was an obvious choice” said Jesse Asklund, Director of Support at cPanel.

All AltusHost team members, both Technical Support and Sales have been very eager to pass the cPanel University exams and got their certificates in record time. We are very proud of our geeky team!

Thanks to them, AltusHost has immediately received a cPanel Certified Partner status.

What are the advantages of being a cPanel Certified Partner?

First of all, with every exam passed, we were able to nostrify our existing cPanel knowledge altogether and to learn things we haven’t been familiar with by now. It is very important to mention that cPanel Certification will give us an opportunity to acquire a new form of esteemed accreditation to our current and future clients, with cPanel Certified badge displayed prominently alongside our company’s name in cPanel’s Partner Directory.

Also, as a cPanel Certified Partner we will also have cPanel tech support requests automatically escalated to their entirely new Ultra Priority Technical Support queue, providing the fastest support response times of any of cPanel existing Enterprise Support ticket queue.​

“cPanel is known for its incredible quality support team, and we want to recognize Partners that work to provide that same quality support,” said Nick Koston, cPanel’s CEO.

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