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Stats Which Will Help You Understand How SEO Works In 2018

  • Category : Marketing
  • Posted on : Aug 13, 2018
  • By : Natasa Kilibarda
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Getting a lot of traffic on a website will ultimately boost sales for the company running the site. But have you ever wondered what are the ways that companies use to increase traffic?

This article will help you understand one of these methods, called search engine optimization (SEO).

SEO is the process of affecting the online visibility of a website or web page in a search engine’s unpaid or organic results. The higher rank the website has, the more visitors it will receive from the search engine’s users.

Who Controls The Market?

There are many search engines out there, but only several of them have the “big piece of the pie”. SEO Tribunal’s study list the market share different search engines have.

1. Google has 92.59% of mobile, and 72.87% of desktop shares.

2. Baidu has 4.56% of mobile, and 12.84% of desktop shares.

3. Yahoo has 1.11% of mobile, and 4.93% of desktop shares.

4. Bing has 1.16% of mobile, and 7.70% of desktop shares.

5. Yandex has 0.19% of mobile, and 0.85% of desktop shares.

6. The others have a total of 1.54% of mobile, and 1.25% of desktop shares.

What Will The Future Bring?

A massive game-changer was the introduction of smartphones. People use them for a whole lot of things, and they are expanding in search engines too. Most searches are moving to smartphones, which is why Google is setting new standards – get your website mobile friendly or get out of search.

These are just several of the facts of the rich, evolving world of SEO. In order to better understand how SEO works in 2018, scroll down and take a look at the other statistics.

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