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How Technology Is Rick to Our Morty and Why Is That So Amazing?

  • Category : Marketing
  • Posted on : Oct 25, 2017
  • By : Natasa Kilibarda
Altus Host

If you have been following the latest animated sensation Rick and Morty, you have probably gleaned an insight into the relationship between these two characters. The dynamic duo consisting of a genius grandfather and a naïve but well-mannered grandson, has taken the world by the storm.

One of the major features of the show is the quality writing that emphasizes a cultural commentary in the form of technological advancements. How can we draw a parallel between the show’s seemingly subtle hints at our own world and why are these comments so amazing in today’s world?

Constant sense of discovery

Just like the protagonists of the show, we are in a constant awe at what the technology of today is capable of doing. We have reached a point where VR technologies and augmented reality (AR) can be seen in everyday use, often in work environments.

Providing a genuine service for customers is now more than just selling a good product. Customer experience programs and user experience (UX) design principles are taking over the market. Eco-friendly products and packaging are the new norms, even though many companies still rely on environmental exploitation for their gains.

Looking for professional help no matter what problems you have is easier than ever before thanks to the interconnected nature of all the smart devices we are using. This sense of discovery is one of the greatest gifts we have received from technology.

Increased quality of life

Just like Rick does it for Morty, technology has made our lives easier on a day to day basis. No matter where you live, technology has made your life easier to live thanks to the developments in infrastructure. Water and electricity are becoming commonplace even in places where people have never known about them.

Getting help from pro essay writers for your writing corrections is also much easier given the nature of many services on the web. Not to mention the medical breakthroughs in the form of new medicine for old illnesses and innovative prosthetic devices that help people live their lives.

Even if all you ever wanted is a good TV, finding one today is cheaper and easier than ever before, which was impossible some decades before. The overall increase in the quality of life we live can only be attributed to the development of technology.

Accessibility and affordability

Gadgets such as cellphones, laptops and house ware items such as microwave machines or coffee makers have become commonplace. We are not sure how we would live without them around but they are a constant reminder of how technology affects us on a daily basis.

Going online and looking for college essay help seemed like a crazy idea only a couple of years ago. Finding good, cheap services and items that can make your work, college or overall life easier is a matter of finding a good website to visit.

This was unheard of in our parents’ youth, and while Rick does provide interesting gadgets and possibilities for Morty in multiple galaxies and universes, even the show can’t keep up with all the advancements taking place around us. Useful technology is more accessible and affordable than ever before, and we have learned to rely on it more than we care to admit.

Stimulating global creativity

Creativity is one of the most sought-after skills in today’s world. Technology has become so advanced and open to everyone that people stopped thinking for themselves. Gadgets such as drawing tablets and digital pens have become commonplace in many design agencies. Just like Rick’s portal gun.

However, social websites such as Pinterest and Tumblr have decided to go a step further and emphasize creativity over everything else. It’s now easier for every creative soul to express their thoughts and emotions through artwork and personal creations online.

Technology has made art galleries and workshops open to anyone who wants to participate, not just the select elite. One of the hallmarks of Rick and Morty is the emphasis on creative problem solving where very few rules apply. The same message can be seen in modern technology where everything is centered on nurturing creative capabilities of individuals.

Making the world smaller

Becoming the best writer, artist or content creator is now easier thanks to the open-ended nature of the internet. You can discover your latent talents in the form of photography, giving people writing help or simply creating new technological devices and patents for further development.

Technology has made the world smaller than it ever was, giving people more incentive to become interconnected. Traveling to a different country or continent is a matter of booking a ticket and traveling for a couple of hours, which was mind-boggling in the past. Making friends even, just like Rick’s best friend was Birdperson or the love of his life is Unity, “collective hivemind” from another dimension.

Rick and Morty tell us that the world is small by using a multitude of universes in almost each episode just like we would use different environments on a daily basis. The underlying message of the show is that we should use every piece of technology around us and make it a part of our lives.

To conclude, there will always be a line between using and overusing technology. However, limiting ourselves from all the wonderful capabilities at our disposal could be detrimental to us as a species and a society. Implement relevant and useful technology in whatever you do and you will see just how much life can become easier and simpler once you get used to your new toys. And not completely mess up the whole known or unknown universe.


Angela Baker is a self-driven specialist who is currently working as a freelance writer in OkDissertations and trying to improve herself in the blogging career. She is always seeking to discover new ways for personal and professional growth and is convinced that it’s always important to broaden horizons. That`s why Angela develops and improves her skills throughout the writing process to help and inspire people.

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