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4 Ways to Generate Quality Leads for Your Business

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  • Posted on : Jun 14, 2016
  • By : AltusHost
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Your business will be good only if you generate quality leads. So, finding them needs to be your priority. There are already some dependable and familiar ways to generate leads online, but there are some of them that are not that obvious, but are really effective. Expert marketers know that quality leads are the seed from which customers grow, and without them, nothing would be possible.

Many organizations are struggling in generating leads that are profitable, and the widely used lead-generating techniques that many businesses rely on are not as effective as everyone believes. This is why we have done the research and found a few lesser-known techniques you can consider implementing for your business.

The internet has grown so much that it now plays an important role in every part of our lives. It is crucial when it comes to communication, education, entertainment, relationships and business activities. This is why many organizations focus primarily on generating leads online.

The sad truth is that many businesses do not take advantage of this important role that the internet has in people’s lives. You need to think outside the box and try to connect with your potential customers in ways that are less-expected, and that way, you will be able to tap into an untouched resource your competition might not be aware of. So, here are some surprisingly effective ways to help you generate quality leads online.




Pinterest is a very simple social media platform that enables users to share images with each other. But, do not let this lack of complexity fool you, because Pinterest has 176 million registered users, where 100 million of them are considered active. From those millions of active users, a staggering 70% of them say that the reason they are visiting Pinterest is because they are looking for inspiration about what they should buy.

If you create a presence for your brand on this social media platform, you will basically have a free advertising platform that basically comes with a built-in and dedicated fan base.


This is nothing new – podcasts have been around for over a decade, but they are still relevant because U.S. citizens spend 2% of their day listening to audio sources and podcasts are one of them.

This may not sound like a large number, compared to Pinterest, but TV, video games and music are also included in the term “audio sources”, so the 2% does not seem like such a small number after all.

For even more accurate numbers, podcasts take up ¼ of all the time people spend listening to audio sources. So, a podcast that is well-planned and executed can help you in several ways. It can help you improve search rankings for your business, build backlinks and generate quality leads. You can turn listeners into quality leads that can quickly be turned into quality customers.

Content Marketing


This is one of the lesser known techniques in generating quality leads and it has not yet been fully optimized by many organizations. Only a small percentage of marketers claim that they are effectively generating leads through content.

This is because it is not that easy to create fresh, quality content and it can be rather time-consuming. There are ways to make it easier, like outsourcing or investing in a system that will be posting pre-generated and relevant content regularly, but these options do not address the real issue that is behind the process of content marketing utilization.

Content that will be effective is the one that will solve problems to potential leads, one that is visually appealing and personalized to the needs of a specific target audience. But, how to accomplish this? The best way is through deep analysis, trial and error. So, always keep track of your key metrics to successfully alter your content marketing campaign and to embrace the things that are working and to eliminate those that are not.

Landing Pages

People who took their time to visit your website, have already get engaged in perhaps the most difficult aspect of lead generation. Because they have demonstrated a genuine interest in what your business has to offer, they have made it possible for you to narrow the focus of your efforts, which were already directed toward leads, and make them convert. Approximately 60% to 90% of all the visitors that come to your landing pages will bounce, meaning that they’ll leave the website without looking at other pages, and the ones who leave, over 90% of them, never come back.

Even with this information in mind, over 60% of businesses still use landing pages to generate quality leads. So, to make sure that your landing pages are giving your potential leads good treatment, you need to apply the advice we have given you in the paragraph related to content marketing. Your landing pages need to be specific, useful and visually pleasing. As a matter of fact, keep all your pages simple, because a complex page needs more time to load, and even more time to comprehend, so, your visitors won’t even give a second glance and they’ll leave immediately.

In the end, make sure that your business always remains flexible. Keep an analytical eye on your every move, compare results with methods, and you will see what works best for you. Leads that are properly generated and guided through the sales process will become retainable and committed customers. While using the effective methods that other businesses already use on a daily basis, be sure to also pay attention to these lesser-known techniques and use them to discover new and quality leads.

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