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How to Choose Blog Topics for Your Readers

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Not so long ago, I was having major troubles coming up with ideas on what to write about on my blog.

No matter how hard I tried, I just couldn’t come up with any fresh insights.

Everything I wrote was so damn boring.

I was shooting blanks. I desperately needed to step up my game.

Coming up with real and useful ideas for my site was awfully painful and slow. I couldn’t write an interesting headline, even if someone pointed a gun to my head.

Lucky for me, that’s all in the past.

Now, after a certain amount of time has passed, figuring out new topics for my blog has become a real “walk in the park”. I publish many articles with ease on a daily basis, and I still have enough time to tailor a few guest posts before the day is over.

You could say that I figured out how to almost automate the whole blogging process.

Knowing just how much I struggled to get to a stage where I can easily create so many topics for my blog every day, I’ve decided to spare you the pain and share with you a couple of my blogging secrets. As a sign of respect for your time and patience, I will also try to explain which topics can be useful and engaging to your readers.

Be Relevant


Relevance is not a new term. This is a very popular subject in content marketing. But, what is relevance really? What does this term mean when it comes to article topics and blogging?

Relevance Focuses On Your Audience

Relevance focuses more on the audience than on popularity. It’s all about that specific group of people that you’re trying to reach. What are their interests? What kind of problems do they have? What unique obstacles are they trying to surpass?

Before you even start to think about applying this sort of thing to your blogging strategy, make sure that you have previously determined your target audience.

Relevance Focuses On Your Niche As Well

The narrower your niche is, the easier it will be to develop and define your content relevance.

If you are an in the dog food selling niche, then you should write articles about dog care, dog feeding, dog health, etc. 

Don’t pursue topics about web design if you run, for example, a lifestyle-oriented blog.  

Relevance Focuses On Solutions To Problems

Quality content explains someone’s needs and then offers solutions to their problems or desires. When you offer real solutions to real problems, only then you can say that you are nailing relevancy. This is your ultimate goal.

When you offer real solutions to real problems which your audience is trying to handle on a daily, weekly and monthly basis – then can you say that you are producing relevant content.

This is your ultimate goal here. Locate your audience’s pain points – offer solutions.

Get Familiar With Your Target Audience

Business man pointing the text: Who Is Your Audience?

In most cases, it comes down to your target audience. Basically, there is not a thing more essential, critical and relevant when determining how successful your blog is than your ability to anticipate your audience’s intent.

The longer you work and write on your blog, the more you’ll be able to understand your audience. Take the time to respond and read comments on your blog; read emails from your readers and see what they have to say.

A blogger and his blog develop a special bond over time, and no other blogger will be able to write an article for your blog that could bring the same results as one of your own.

One of the best ways of getting to know your audience is to define it.

If you are in the beginning process, you are the one who decides who is going to read your content and how.

For an already established business, the best way to get to know your crowd is to talk to them and see what kind of content they would prefer to receive from you.

Take Advantage Of Practical Content Tools


One of my favorite content tools for finding trending topics is BuzzSumo. Basically, it is a website where various marketers can find out what the most popular topics are, and what content works best for their competitors.

BuzzSumo has many cool things to offer to its users. There are a couple of ways to use it in order to get ahead of your peers and conquer a certain audience or niche market:

The first thing I do is find the most popular blog posts whitin my niche. If I’m writing an article on reliable web hosting, I just go to BuzzSumo and a few other reputable websites and type in “reliable web hosting”. When I find an article that is popular, I read it to see how it’s written, what areas it covers, and then I sit down and figure out how to write a similar article in my own words. 

The second way BuzzSumo can be used to your advantage it is to find a certain website and see which topics are most popular on it. After you get familiar with the content, you can apply the same principle as mentioned above. 

This is especially good for guest blogging.

These are the basics of blogging. However, through this, you can develop astonishing content knowledge and marketing skills. Before you start blogging for another party or for your business website, create a blog of your own, get a proper web hosting deal and learn how to write killer content.

These are all essential ingredients for creating a successful blog.

As a blogger, you must get informed constantly and follow the current trends, to stay on top of things.

Good luck in your blogging career.

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