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Working From Home? We’ve got you 👌

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Happy Friday, everyone! We hope that everyone is working from home where possible. In times of change, we are grateful to be able to continue working. All our team is set to work remotely from their home offices so we wanted to share some tips and ideas from the AltusHost team and how we are managing to keep everything at float while WFH.

Remote work is the emerging face of work in the 21st century and it’s driving a steady increase in its acceptance throughout the world. However, this situation is out of ordinary and has pushed it quite rapidly for a whole lot of industries to implement sooner than anticipated. 

For this reason, we would like to share some of our know-how to help you get the best of your work from home either if you have already done some remote work in the past or you’re a newbie. 

Please note we’re not experts and these tips come from our team or their friends who are all now WFH:

Meghan: “What I do to motivate me is to get dressed up at very least like I am going to work instead of lounging at home and set a schedule of what I need to complete. That increases productivity for me.”

Daim: Other people are focusing their attention at work-from-home office design and what they claim is of an essential is: “A flat surface to work on, a comfortable desk chair, an organizer for needed supplies, a spot for a printer copier and good task lighting.”

Pierre: “Adding plants and flowers is a simple way to add a little life to your desk and home office.”

Catherine: “My days consist of drinking excessive amounts of coffee, dressing in my comfies and having quite jazz music playing in the background.” 

Caroline: “Rolling straight out of bed and having a 30min workout before turning on my computer. I work much better and focus after the morning workout.”

Amanda: “Pre-determining each day’s “must-do” items in the To-Do list.”

Joseph: “Switching back and forth between the couch and kitchen desk to mix up the environment and stay motivated.”

Maya: “I plan my lunch ahead of time and take an actual lunch break.”

Anastasia: “Putting the phone in another room.”

Willem: “The Pomodoro Technique. Set a timer for 30min and it splits work into manageable clusters.”

Jennifer: “Always get dressed and put on makeup. Have a coffee maker ready.” 

Ashlee:  “Clean workspace. A messy one is an automatic fail. Likewise, keep the pile of home papers separate from the working desk.” 

What are your tips to work from home? Share your best advice with us on our social media channels to help each other make working from home a little easier.

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