This policy applies to all AltusHost Network users. Any kind of SPAM from our network is strictly prohibited, clients found in this act will be sanctioned immediately.

Inappropriate E-Mail Activities

Commercial e-mail: Defined as sending unsolicited commercial e-mails. This is prohibited. You are not permitted to use your AltusHost service to send unsolicited commercial e-mail. Using an e-mail address hosted anywhere on AltusHost servers to collect responses from unsolicited commercial e-mail is prohibited. This includes using a throw-away, free e-mail account to promote your AltusHost account and redirectors for the same account.
Mail Bombing: Defined as sending large volumes of unsolicited e-mail to individuals from your AltusHost service. This is strictly prohibited.
Harassment: Defined as sending threatening or harassing e-mail after being requested to stop, is prohibited. Extremely threatening or harassing e-mail never is allowed.

Inappropriate Newsgroup/Forums Activities

Newsgroup/Forums Spamming: Defined as excessive cross-posting, or posting the same article to several Newsgroup/Forums. This is prohibited. Generally accepted standards allow no more than 15 newsgroups, or cross-postings, for a single article or substantially similar articles. Such articles may be canceled. You are not allowed to use your AltusHost based mail facilities to SPAM the Newsgroup/Forums.
Off topic or inappropriate postings: There is no restriction on content, except as defined by each Newsgroup/Forums. Continued posting of off-topic articles is prohibited. Please note that commercial advertisements are off-topic in the vast majority of Newsgroup/Forums.


Should you violate AltusHost’s NO SPAM/UCE Policy, AltusHost WILL charge you, as client, $150 per hour (minimum one hour) for the time it takes us to “clean-up” your SPAM. This shall include but not be limited to the time required to answer e-mail from angry recipients of your SPAM and/or repair of a damaged server due to the “Mail Bombing” or other actions of the angry recipients in retaliation of your SPAM. You will also be charged $20 per gigabyte of data transfer that your SPAM incurred, including bandwidth used by answers to or complaints about your SPAM. We will invoice this amount and should it not be paid, we will take legal action against you.

We take a very dim view of SPAM. It is one of the most annoying things encountered on the Internet. Any AltusHost client found to be spamming will have his/her account terminated immediately – no questions asked (we will investigate the report thoroughly before terminating any account). There is no warning or second chance.

We are not attempting to censor, nor are we attempting to curtail the business of our customers. But as a whole, spamming hurts our members and us more than it helps the one spammer. Do yourself, and us, a favor: PLEASE DON’T DO IT.

If you know of any AltusHost client that is or might be violating this policy, please send a message or, if possible, forward the SPAM or UCE in full (including headers) to [email protected]