Trademark Infringement Notification

Legal Complaint Form

Trademark Infringement Notification

The purpose of this online form is to notify us of an alleged infringement of a trademark or service mark (the "Mark") you either own or are authorized to act on behalf of, and which is allegedly being infringed by one of our end-users. This online form is designed to make submitting trademark infringement complaints as simple as possible.

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Section I: Complainant's Contact Information

Please provide us with contact information for the owner of the Mark, or the person
legally authorized to act on the Mark owner's behalf.

Section II: About the Mark

Please tell us about the Mark you allege is being infringed by our end-user.

Section III: About the Alleged Infringement

Please identify the AltusHost hosted website that contains the allegedly unauthorized copy of the copyrighted work. For example, "".

In as much detail as possible, please provide a description of the manner in which you believe the Mark has been or is being infringed by our end-user. For example, "Your end- user is using my trademarked logo on his website as his own".

Please identify the precise location on our end-user's website where the Mark appears without authorization (i.e. the specific URL). For example, "". The more specific you are, the quicker we will be able to respond.

Section IV: Certificate

By signing below, I swear under penalty of perjury that I am the owner of the Mark, or a person legally authorized to act on behalf of the owner of the Mark, and I have a good faith belief that (i) use of the Mark in the manner complained is not authorized by the owner of the Mark, its agent or the law, and (ii) to the best of my knowledge, all of the information provided in this notice is accurate.

This notice must be signed. The notice will not be "signed" in the sense of a traditional paper document. To sign the notice, type your full name in the box below. Typing your full name in this box will act as your digital signature, and is legally binding.

To submit this complaint through this online form, please click the "Submit" button below.


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