Welcome to Our Affiliate Program!

Earning money with AltusHost Affiliate Program is easy. We do the work, you earn cash.

  • Free signup
  • Up to 50% One-time Commission or 10% Recurring Commission
  • Signup bonus 20€
  • Self purchase accepted
20€ Signup bonus

20€ Signup bonus

Get 20 bucks just for – signing up!  It will be added to your very first payout of earned commissions.

Recurring com.

Recurring com.

It is easy to forget that money now, worths more than money later. With our affiliate program and 10% percent recurring commission, you earn money while literally sleeping.

Promo materials

Promo materials

We will provide you with some pretty eye catching ready-to-use creative banners. Get ready for some serious referral traffic activity.

Self purchase

Self purchase

The choice is yours: Whether you would like to spend your commission on a new video-game, ice cream and scuba diving, or – you want to upgrade your current web hosting package at AltusHost, register a new domain, treat yourself with new server or SSL certificate.

How It Works

It cannot be more simple. You send your friends, visitors or business associates our way, and – we’ll do the rest. For every referral, you can get some serious money on the side! Our Affiliate program is smooth, uncomplicated, risk free, attractive and by all means and great for people who are willing to make quick  extra bucks!

We are in the Web Hosting business since 2008 with more than 10.000 satisfied clients, so – you are referring your people to a well-trusted and experienced team.

Here’s how it goes:


You recommend AltusHost to your friend, colleague or interested website visitor. He or she clicks on our affiliate link you placed on website or email you sent


 His or hers IP is logged and a small cookie is placed in their browser for up to 180 days


They visit and browse AltusHost’s website, and – luckily for everyone in the game – decide to order something they need or found appealing


If the visitor orders something (in 180 days from the time cookie is being placed in his or hers browser), it will be registered as a sale for you and congrats – you will receive well-earned commission!

Performance Bonus System:

Performance Bonus System:

Once you reach next level of sales, the game is on! Referrals and commissions are piling up.



Payouts for sales referred in previous month are made every 15th in the month. The minimum bucks you need to have on your account is $100 and you have to refer a minimum of two separate customers. Self-purchases are, of course, accepted.

Instant Reliable Tracking

Signup Bonus $5

Our system allows you to track how your links are performing, all in real time. In a click or two, you can clearly see how and if your links are converting or not.

Recurring commissions structure

Recurring commissions structure

For your first sale on our Affiliate Program, you will earn amazing 30% commission. From all other recurring sales you get 10% commissions.

Ready to join?

Signing up and getting your account configured couldn’t be easier. You can be getting passively rich by simply referring business our way – in couple of minutes. If you have any extra questions or concerns – drop us a line!