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Web Hosting and SSD Drives – Why You Should Choose a Hosting Company That Offers This Type of Storage?

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  • Posted on : May 04, 2016
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Technology has tremendously advanced in the past decade. But, one of the areas that was lacking a bit of efficiency and speed was HDD storage technology. The capacity of these drives has tremendously increased, but when it comes to their speed, there simply weren’t enough breakthroughs due to the way the whole system functions.

As the whole world got accustomed to using HDD technology, a completely different kind of storage technology was being developed in the shadows of HDD. SSDs didn’t become commercially available, because that they deteriorated rather fast, while being several times, if not 10 times more expensive than the classical HDD drives.

However, as technology continued to improve, the durability and stability of these devices has significantly improved, which made them commercial. Even though they are still several times more expensive, the investment definitely pays off, as these storage units are simply much faster than HDDs.

SSD vs HDD – What Are The Differences?



Besides the fact that these two technologies store data, there is nothing similar about them. The HDD (hard disk drive) consists of disks and reading/writing heads. The disks spin and the heads are there to write and read data, which is put on the disk magnetically. Over time, numerous solutions successfully increased data capacities, but reading speeds were simply impossible to increase.

Standard spinning speeds were 5,400 rpm in the past. The newer drives increased it to 7,200, and the fastest ones spin at 10,000 rpm. Even with these tremendous speeds, these drives are not even close to SSD technology. Additionally, HDD drivers can malfunction easily, whereas SSD drivers can withstand more shock and vibration, making them less fragile. Not to mention that the production technology used is “greener” when compared to the production process of an HDD.

SSDs (solid state drives), on the other hand, do not have a disk or reading heads – they store data in a completely different way, which is why they are so much faster. The latest NAND technology is responsible for the great speeds that SSDs achieve. As these drives do not have any kind of disks or heads that need to physically move to read data, the data is electronically stored throughout the SSD, allowing for insane reading speeds.

Since SSD’s life expectancy was the main problem in the past, the newest TRIM technology dramatically helps with how the data is stored, to maximally prolong the drive’s functionality. If you are interested in how SSDs function, you can examine this online resource that goes into much greater detail.

So, Why Should You Find A Web Hosting Company That Offers This Type Of Storage?



The mere fact that a web hosting company offers this type of storage speaks volumes about the company. It shows how professional they are and how much they are investing in providing a top-notch service for their customers. Due to the fact that SSDs are quite pricy, these plans are a little bit pricier, but the benefits SSD technology offers are simply too great and worth every penny.

All of the popular website building tools such as WordPress have a wide range of themes and other important data that is created from numerous smaller files written on an SSD. The technology offers insane reading speeds, which guarantees insanely good loading times. This improves a website’s overall user experience.

Putting these drives in RAID mode can additionally double or triple the writing and reading speeds, which further improves a website’s stability and performance. Additionally, SSDs have a much lower chance of malfunctioning.

The overall functionality of the website is greatly improved if the website is hosted on an SSD. We are all aware of the fact that impeccable stability and fast loading times can increase conversion rates, ad-based revenue and user engagement.

We hope that it is clear just how important SSD hosting is. So, the next time you are looking for a good hosting provider, make sure that there is an SSD option available in their offer. No matter what kind of website you are planning on creating, this is the best foundation you can have for storing your data safely and making it accessible to every visitor at lightning speeds.

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