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Useful Advice on How to Enhance Your Mobile Marketing Strategy

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  • Posted on : Dec 07, 2015
  • By : AltusHost
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In the last year or so, it has become clear that mobile technology is slowly taking over the internet. Almost two-thirds of people today use mobile phones to browse the internet, surf, buy stuff online or anything else for that matter.

This means that mobile phones are slowly becoming the leading power on the market.

Given the fact that consumers use these devices to buy from stores and view products, it is only natural that marketers have recognized this as an opportunity to advertise things on the mobile market.

Many reports tell us that around 60 % of traffic recorded during this year came from users browsing via mobile devices.

If you are looking to boost your brand by using an effective mobile marketing strategy, then stick with us for a little longer and you can learn more useful information on this topic.

Proper Keyword Usage

keyword searchFor most business owners, the keyword strategy is the term they only associate with article marketing campaigns. But, the reality is that proper keyword strategies and usage is much more important when it comes to your mobile marketing strategy.

When talking about proper keyword usage in terms of mobile advertising, you will have to make sure the local area is included in conjunction with all of your keywords.

The reason why this should be done in such a fashion is the fact that mobile consumers usually search locally for services.

Learn to construct keywords in a most effective way while at the same time making the phrases small. Remember not to use more than three phrases for your mobile strategy.

Perform Hyperlocalized Marketing

Many statistics show us that the major part of mobile shopping happens usually within a ten-mile radius of the consumer’s home.

The way hyper-localized marketing works is that it combines IP location technology and analytic tools for big data in order to leverage location data and social data insights.

The results that this technique gives is that you will be able to give information to your customers about relevant things, with a personal note. For example, you can pass on discount coupons to your mobile customers in real time by looking at their location and what activities they are currently involved in.

If a company handles this kind of marketing well, it can become very effective and customers will find it welcome.

Don’t Focus Just On The Local Customers

A mobile marketing campaign can enable you to find new customers who are not located in your area.

There are many good e-commerce options that can create mobile catalogs which can allow customers to perform shopping on the go. Additionally, not all of the items in store are listed for sale, but just the ones that are promoted the most and which have the best offers.

The navigation for this kind of shopping is specially designed to suit customers who plan on buying via mobile phone.

Many businesses also use mobile technology at special events which happen out of town, conferences and trade shows.

This technique can be used to spread literature using QR codes which will direct the messages to specified landing pages, accept mobile payments, and invite potential clients to events and venues.

Make Your Business Compatible

3There are many consumers on the modern market and all of them use a wide range of mobile phones. You can never know what device in particular a certain client is using to browse your landing page or read your email.

This is why it is essential to make sure that all of your mobile marketing tools and materials are compatible and optimized for all modern mobile devices out there.

Not only that you need to optimize your marketing techniques, but you will also need to keep up the pace and update your materials for any new devices that come up. Probably the place where you should invest the most is your mobile landing page.

Include All Relevant Information About Your Business

This applies for any successful digital marketing, so it’s natural that it applies to a mobile marketing campaign as well.

Look at your options and include contact information and details about your business anywhere you can. You can even include the logo of your company and make it easier for people to remember you. Go even one step further by including a map which can help potential clients find you.

If you go mobile, you can do it all, especially now when there is constant growth of consumers who rely on this kind of technology. Keep up with the times and try to fight it, make your business mobile friendly and customers will respect that. No matter if you run an online shop or you have a law firm, an effective mobile marketing campaign can do wonders for you.

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