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Support Service is as Important to Web Hosting as Alfred is to Batman

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  • Posted on : Sep 07, 2015
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Before I start to further explain this analogy and point out where these two unrelatable subjects intersect in my mind, let us first talk about Alfred Pennyworth, the man behind the man, behind the bat. As you probably already know, Mr. Pennyworth is a fictional character who appears in DC Comics, most commonly in association with The Batman. Depicted as Bruce Wayne’s butler and legal guardian following the murder of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne, over the years, this humble gentleman of British descent has proven himself to be much more than just another random well-mannered and well-educated nanny whose sole purpose in life is to meet the needs of some sad rich kid.

Even though Robin gets a lot bigger role in The Dark Knight’s adventures, I still see Alfred as an ultimate sidekick to the defender of Gotham City. In my eyes, he’s as good as they come. He’s the man who really has your back. Everyone knows that’s important, especially in business.

When you really get to know him, when you really put in the hours and read a ton of Batman comics, you start to see this butler in a whole different light. You stop visualizing Alfred Pennyworth as just another supporting character who’s there to fill in some of the gapes in the stories. You begin to see him as Bruce’s best friend and aide-de-camp in his magnificent adventures. He has been with the Wayne family since before Bruce’s birth. His father Jarvis served the Waynes and Alfred replaced him. However, he was no ordinary butler as he often acted as a bodyguard for Thomas Wayne as well.  

What makes Alfred so great? Oh, only the fact that The Batman can confide in him, knowing that this senior gentleman will take his secret to the grave. Alfred is the voice of wisdom, even though it’s rarely needed.  He’s the one stitching together the holes in Bruce Wayne’s life (and the holes in Batman’s cape).

He’s a trustworthy companion who always goes out of his way to assist his master in whatever challenge he’s up against. Big or small, lethal or nonlethal – Alfred is there, standing tall by his employer, never backing down from any challenge.


Over the years, Alfred has proven himself to be one of the most important people behind Batman’s success. He’s always there, watching out for him. Although often portrayed as a skinny old man, he never leaves his master hanging. 

I don’t know about you, but I think that any employer dreams of having someone like this by his side.

The Similarity

Much like Alfred Pennyworth, Support Service doesn’t get nearly enough credit as it deserves. These two subject, although completely different, from completely different worlds and realities, share the same faith in my eyes. Same as Mr. Pennyworth, Support Service is never perceived as the hero. Support Service is always something that people acknowledge, but never quite celebrate in full for their efforts. Although these skilled technicians are always there when they’re needed, you almost never see people thanking them for making the protagonist look good over and over again. 

Unlike many our competitors, we at AltusHost are more than proud of our Support Service. We know just how hard and important their work is to us and our clients. Our Award Winning 24/7 Technical Support team is what really sets us apart from other hosting companies and makes us the preferred choice of individuals and businesses worldwide. For that, we’re more than grateful. We celebrate our Alfred each and every day.

How to Choose The Right Alfred For Your Business?

As Alfred is to both Batman and Bruce, hosting support service is of great importance to anyone who needs or has a website. It is one of the most crucial aspects you should focus on when choosing a hosting company.

To choose the best web hosting company for your business, you have to do a lot of research. You have to focus on all sorts of elements and figure out which reviews are written by real customers and which are written by those who don’t have a realistic grasp on the situation they were once in. If a certain company is willing to offer 24/7 support, this usually means that they have enough skilled and experienced employees to support a large number of different clients. Same as Batman, they know that they have someone by their side who can, no matter what, get the job done. There are exceptions, of course.


Although it tends to vary a bit from industry to industry, customer support basically involves repair, maintenance and all that other work that is required to keep the machine performing its intended function.  Sounds familiar? Who stitches up The Bat when he gets hurt?

Customer support is there to make sure that everything is up and running as it’s supposed to, and to fix any type of problem that the current active customers are facing. Having written that, you can probably figure out on your own that this is a job that not many people can do effectively. To achieve success with our customer support service and make our users/clients feel like their business is in good hands, and that every problem, not matter how big or small, can be taken care of in a matter of minutes, we had to employ a real industry expert to keep us alive on the battlefield.

Employing experts to answer our clients needs is just the beginning. To create a great team out of them, we had  to:

A.) Establish a command hierarchy and roles and responsibilities, meaning,  “This person can handle any topic”, “These guys are only responsible for this and that”, and “these people may share canned messages and may not engage on any topic, but can acknowledge the customer and pass on their concern to a higher level in the organization”

B.) Set some rules and guidelines that serve to educate our new employees what not to do, and to whom they come for answers about specific issues.

Having a great deal can help your company on all sorts of different fields. It can increase your customer engagement, customer satisfaction, and even help you get more conversions.

What Are The Penalties For Choosing A Bad Sidekick?

If you end up signing with a web hosting that has poor support, you’ll end up causing endless harm to your business. This sort of mistake could have lots of negative impact on your income. Here are just some of the bad things that can happen to you when you fail to choose the correct web hosting company, with excellent support:

1. Loss of revenue
2. Negative effect on your SEO Ranking
3. Security and Malware Attacks
4. Constant Site Downtime

Scary, right? Don’t panic, you can still do good. The only thing you need to do here is be careful who you trust. You still have the chance to choose the best and more reliable people to join your team.


As someone who is constantly doing whatever it takes to create and market a good and trustworthy online business, you want your website to be attended to as fast as possible in case of downtime or any other issues. You also want someone explaining to you why shared email accounts are better than dedicated ones or vice versa. In simple terms, you want to be confident in the knowledge that there is someone who has your back in case of anything. Batman has that from Alfred, do you have it from your hosting company?

Thank you for reading this blog post, I hope you all enjoyed what I wrote here. If you have anything to add or ask, feel free to write it down in the comments section below.

This is it for now,
See you soon again,
Kindest regards,
Goran @ AltusHost

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