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Writing a PPC Ad Copy: 3 Tips to Increase Your Conversions

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“Write an ad copy”, they said. “It’ll be quick”, they said. No, actually, it won’t be quick.

A PPC ad copy is short, but it can certainly be the toughest copy to nail. Why is that exactly? Because you need to be creative in order to stand out from a number of other advertisers, include accurate data, hit the bullseye with customers’ pain points and evoke emotions, as well as actually manage to promote the benefits of your offer and sell.

All of this would be child’s play, if not for the limited word count you have to work with. That is why writing a PPC ad copy is one of the toughest and most challenging endeavours you can take on in your digital marketing campaign.

Nevertheless, your PPC ad copy can make or break your click-through and conversion rates, so you need to make sure you write a killer ad copy that will bring high CTRs and increase your conversion rate.

Here are some useful tips that can help you accomplish that, so check them out.

Focus on the End Goal of Your Customers

End Goal of Your Customers

Your PPC ad copy provides you with an excellent chance to connect with your potential customers and engage them in your offer. It is the factor that will determine whether your prospects will check out what you have to offer or decide to go to your competition.

That is why your ad copy must be compelling and it must have the “wow” factor that will hook in your potential customers. But, how can you manage to accomplish that with as little space as you have?

You need to show them that you are the best. You need to show them that only you can provide them with the best possible solution for their problems.

For instance, if you sell acne products, your target customers will search for keywords such as “get rid of acne”. Your ad copy should mirror their end goal and provide them with the solution they are looking for, so you should write a headline such as “Kill Acne Once & for All”.

If you’re buying used cars, for instance, don’t write a headline like “Want to Sell Your Car?” or “Sell Your Car Today”, but instead focus on what your target customers want to hear and write a headline such as “We’ll Buy Your Car Today”.

You get the point. The essential thing is to maintain customer focus, while showing them that you can solve their problems. That way, you will encourage them to click through and visit your website to find out more about your offer.

Use the Power of Numbers

Increasing Conversion Rates

A lot of studies have shown that implementing numbers in your PPC ad copy makes your copy more credible and accurate and greatly increases your click-through and conversion rates.

An ad copy with a specific number can be highly effective, as hard data can make people digest your ad more easily and build trust with you. What’s more, showing the exact number instead of a round number can make your ad perform even better and yield even more positive results.

For instance, if you use a round number, such as 1200+, to show your prospects how many, let’s say, eBooks, they can download for free if they visit your website, you will not get as many quality clicks that convert as you would get if you used an exact number, such as 1256.

The more specific you are, the more credibility you will get, thus receiving more CTRs and increasing your conversion rates.

Focus on Customer Benefits instead of Product Features

This is very closely related to writing a headline for your ad copy with the consumers’ end goal in mind, since your potential customers want to know exactly how the product or service you offer can actually benefit them.

Therefore, when writing a description for your offer, make sure you focus on the benefits your customers will experience if they decide to take on your offer, instead of focusing on product features.

For instance, if you are a travel agency promoting trips for honeymooners, your ad copy description should provide the benefits your customers would have if they decide to choose you to organize their vacation, instead of providing the information about your company and why you are the best travel agency for your potential customers’ needs.

Think about it. If you see a TV commercial for a company that doesn’t even mention how you, the consumer, could actually benefit from purchasing their products, you would certainly ask yourself the simple question: “What’s in it for me?”, wouldn’t you?

It’s completely the same when it comes to a PPC ad copy. Therefore, don’t try and explain why you and your products or services are better than your competitors’, but instead focus on showing the benefits of your products or services.


Hopefully, you now see writing a PPC ad copy in a completely brighter light now, so make sure you follow the aforementioned PPC optimization tips, as they can help you create ads people cannot help but click. By successfully creating an ad copy that sells, you will be able to receive higher click-through and conversion rates, thus greatly increasing your sales and yielding a positive ROI.

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