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What Do Unicorns and Free Web Hosting Deals Have In Common?

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  • Posted on : Aug 17, 2015
  • By : AltusHost
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Greetings Reader,

In everyday life, various types of things remind us of something for all sorts of different reasons. Some connections are more transparent than other. Those that are not, are usually based on some common characteristics instead of physical appearance.

For example, when someone mentions the phrase free web hosting, the first thing that pops into my head is a unicorn.

That’s right. A big white magical horse, with a shiny horn on his forehead.

What does a mythical creature have to do with a type of hosting service? What do they have in common? Where’s the connection?

I’m glad you asked. I’ll get to it in a minute.

First, before we start to dig deeper into the depths of imagination, let’s clear the air on what I actually mean when I say they’re similar to me.

To say that one thing is similar to another, it doesn’t necessarily mean that it has all its features. It all depends on the observer’s perception.

For example: Two brothers might look alike because they both have, let’s say for the sake of this example, big ears, which they inherited from their father’s side of the family. The similarity here is obvious. Anyone can spot it.

On the other hand, let’s imagine two guys drinking beer at a biker bar. One is short, and the other is tall. They are both wearing leather pants and jackets, and rocking those awesome wizard/warlock/ZZ-Top lovin’ beards, so it’s quite possible that some people might look at them as if they were the same.

The similarity between the bros is inherited, while the similarity between these two bearded fellows is not. It’s solely based on details.


Confused? – Alright. I’ll try again.

Let’s think of another angle.

In order to help you better understand the parallels that I’m trying to present to you here, we’ll need to break down each variable in this equation. We need to start from the very beginning to make sure that we’re on the same page when it comes to unicorns.

As some random dude wrote for Urban Dictionary, Unicorn is a word used to describe a mythical species of horse that is extremely hard, if not impossible to catch. Only virgins can come near a unicorn. A unicorn’s horn is known to neutralize poison, cure any disease, resurrect the dead, and the unicorn itself will choose its companion. If you ever meet a unicorn, if it is not looking at you, or coming near you, forget about being its companion, or even coming near it. If you manage to capture the unicorn, you will obtain immortality. Don’t cage in a unicorn when you keep it. It will run away.

Many people have never seen, heard, nor felt a unicorn in their lives. Therefore, it’s difficult for anyone to say what a unicorn exactly is.

However, many have dreamt of hanging out with these magical creatures, and they all picture them the same. So let’s work with that.

Here I shall illustrate the physical appearance of a unicorn:


Look at it. Isn’t it glorious?

So, now that we got that in the clear, let us see the connections:

  1. Free Hosting Services and Unicorns are NOT Real

Contrary to popular thinking, free hosting is not actually free. There’s no such thing as a free hosting service, and there’s no such thing as unicorns.

Sure, you can setup your website on their servers for free, and you don’t have to pay anything for maintenance, but, thanks to that, you don’t have any control on which advertisements will appear on your page.

Free web hosting providers will place their ads anywhere they want to, without waiting for your permission. They will compromise your website and leave you with ads you initially don’t want to see on your page. They will also take all your advertising space, and you won’t have anything left to rent to people who are interested in promoting their business on your website.

In this scenario, your “free” host is actually costing you money. Like a lot of money.


  1. They Are Both Able to Broadcast Their Thoughts to Whomever They Wish To

Unicorn and Free hosting providers know how to talk to people and make them listen. The only difference here is that unicorns have telepathic powers, while these hosting providers know how to apply to people’s greed.

Since the dawn of time, people have been blinded by false benefits. They have been, and still are, sucker for such terms as “free”, “promotional”, “special offer”, “one time only”, “buy one, get one free” that come with all sorts of services and products.

We all have those friends who, in this day and age, still go for the cheapest deals, thinking that they’ve actually saved a couple of bucks.

You and me both know that they couldn’t be more wrong.

I know that every single one of us, no matter what he or she is shopping for, is always looking for a bargain. We are all looking for that great deal that will give us more than we actually paid for.

The problem is that people are often blinded by cheap sales tricks and because of that they end up making poor choices for themselves and their business. They end up actually getting the worst possible deal out there, while thinking that they’ve done good.


I’ve been in this business for quite some time now, and I have seen a lot of people make the mistake of choosing free hosting deals for their websites over paid ones. Don’t listen to their sweet nothings. Forget about these attractive words, there are filled with false promises.

  1. As Long As People Believe In Them, They’ll Continue to Exist

As I wrote above, there’s no such thing as unicorns and free hosting deals. But still, as long as people believe in them, they’ll continue to seem quite real.

Unlike unicorns who are cute and harmless, Free hosting provider can cause you a lot of grief. If you carefully read the Terms and Conditions of most of these services, you’ll find out that legally you don’t really own your site. Blogger doesn’t let you take ownership of your own space, and if your try to sell and get caught – Google will ban you for life from using their services.

Next to that, a provider of any free service can close up shop anytime he or she wants to, and you can’t do anything about it.

Let’s, for the purpose of the story, say that you have a blog on some sort of a free hosting platform.

Everything is going great, you’re putting in the hours, you’re constantly writing great content, updating your blog, building great relationships with all sorts of people around the web and one day, your host, just out of the blue, send you an email in which he’s informing you that he’s closing up shop.

What are you going to do now? What’s your move? Do you have enough time and resources to transfer your data and redirect all your backlinks to your new website? It all depends to the second party. If he doesn’t want to wait for you to get your stuff together, you cannot do anything about it.


I really hope you enjoyed reading this post. If you have any questions, feel free to write them down in a comments sections below, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Thank you so much for your time,
See you soon again,

Goran @AltusHost B.V.

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