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Useful Tips That Can Help You Improve Twitter Marketing Efforts

  • Category : Marketing
  • Posted on : Aug 05, 2016
  • By : AltusHost
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Are you performing a lot of your marketing on Twitter? You see that your efforts are bearing fruit, but you feel like the whole campaign can be improved even further in order to get better results. You tried to make something happen on your own, but still, you can’t quite figure out what methods work better.

The reality is that there are no complex things you have to do, and that the methods are usually quite simple, but still, it’s not simple to find out which ones work. This is why we have decided to share some tips with you, as we know that they work. With a good social media presence, you can sell products more efficiently, improve your blog traffic, or find a freelance gig – it’s a valuable channel you should look to utilize.

1. Be strategic with you hashtags


Hashtags are important. You probably lost faith in them by now, and I don’t blame you. You also probably used them in a wrong way and they gave you no results, and this can be depressing. Hashtags are a good tool that can help your Tweets get discovered by some other people outside of your follower base. Still, if you are Tweeting some content that is not related to current trending hashtags, it can be hard to find and use an adequate one.

For this, you can use tools that can tell you how often a certain hashtag is being used on Twitter, and based on this number, you can see if it makes sense to use a certain hashtag. It is also good to check the Twitter analytics platform, to find out how many impressions you’ve received from your hashtag posts. This is how you will further understand which hashtags are working well.

2. Reply to people who deserve it


A lot of people soon figure out that Twitter is a big sea of users where a lot of actions actually mean nothing. You probably tried starting conversations, or replying to people’s tweets, but you’ve seen little results from it. This demotivated you and you stopped interacting with your followers; this is something you shouldn’t do. It is important that you reply to people who seem genuinely interested in what you represent or share on the network.

Additionally, it is important to know that not all of your followers see each of your tweets. If you tag some user in your tweet, only the followers you two have in common will be able to see your tweet and this can be quite limiting. Luckily, Twitter allows you to tag up to 10 people and this is how you can expand your visibility and direct your tweets to people who might find them relevant.

3. Find new leads by chatting with people


Twitter chats are filled with various people who have different interest in multiple niches. Your job is to find a niche that fits in with the audience you are going for and start contributing to conversations. Remember that you are not in these conversations to try and sell something, this is the quickest way you will get yourself ignored and neglect. Instead, you should get involved in the conversation and try to give valuable information to potential prospects and start a relationship with them.

It is a great opportunity to connect with people by having casual conversations or giving them helpful comments full of insights that have value to them. For example, if you are representing a travel agency, you can post images about places about which people are enquiring or give them information they could never find somewhere else; for example, where to grab a meal, go to party, etc.

4. Approach people on a more personal level


Like I mentioned earlier, a lot of followers you have quickly become nameless faces and you tend to look at them as just numbers on your follower list. Real-life networking is about meeting people and talking to them face to face. As much as these icebreakers are important in the real world, they also matter on social networks. With them, you can share common connections with strangers and become memorable enough to each other, so that you can start and maintain a long, meaningful relationship.

These are some of my best methods for creating better connections with my followers on Twitter. This is how I managed to land a lot of loyal customers. It takes time and effort, but it’s worth it. If you have any additional tips or tricks up your sleeve, feel free to share them with us.

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