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Should I Buy Web Hosting From A Reseller or Directly From A Hosting Company?

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  • Posted on : Dec 02, 2016
  • By : AltusHost
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Tell me, what’s the first thing that comes to your mind when choosing a web hosting provider for your website?

His overall reputation?

Network stability?



All or none of these things combined?

As I already wrote hundreds of times all over the Web – the overall quality of your web hosting provider is really important. It should be on top of your priority list.

Especially if you’re someone who plans to make money from what you do and share online.

If you’re interested in using your site as a lead and sales generator for your business – you cannot really afford to fool around here.

No way.

The overall stability and accessibility of your website should be sacred to you.

Your no.1 goal here should be to cut down risks and make sure that your site is ALWAYS online and available to those who search the Web looking for your brand, products or services.

Being a person who owns a couple of websites that generate significant amounts of traffic, I have learned (the hard way) that quality web hosting is something that could make or break your business online.


Why? – Well, because, web hosting it’s the backbone of the Internet. There’s no way around it. It’s the only thing that will keep your site alive online.

Having a bad company as a host for your online business will hurt your brand in literally hundreds of different ways. Your site will start to crash and experience all sorts of different hiccups that will surely drive your customers/audience away.

You don’t want that, do you?

Yeah, I didn’t think so.

Whenever I start preaching about terrible hosting and all the ways that it can ruin you online, I’m always reminded of the time when Amazon went down back in March of 2016. The site was out of order for about 20min, and people started to freak out!

I’m not exaggerating.

Thousands of frequent Amazon users from all over the world went on Twitter to share their frustration with the world.

It was a PR nightmare.

But, this isn’t the first time that Amazon’s site crashed. On 19th of October 2013,  the world’s largest online retailer, went down again for about 15 minutes. Knowing that this company processes more than $170k in transactions per minute on average, these sort of hiccups are not something that the guys behind Amazon can ignore.

Every minute their site isn’t working, Amazon loses a LOT of money.

And I do mean A LOT.

Piles and piles of money.

Looking over Amazon’s case, we can agree upon that web hosting isn’t something that you should really gamble with, right?


From day one, you need to think about the overall safety and accessibility of your site. You need to make sure that your site’s in the right hands.

As I wrote before, frequent downtime and slow page loading can butcher your image online. It can cost you a lot of sales.

Having all these possible complications in mind, when choosing a web hosting provider for your site, you should really try your best to think about all the details. I know that this sort of things seems a bit much, but you can never be too careful.

That’s why I always beg my friends and business partners to think above the price and basic details of particular hosting deals. I urge them to go beyond these kind of things and figure out if they’re doing business with a reseller or a parent hosting company.


So, What is Reseller Hosting?

It’s a form of web hosting where a certain brand gains the possibility to use a certain bigger web host’s hard drive space and bandwidth, and sell it to customers as its own, for a profit.

Yes, it’s basically renting hardware and selling it as your own. A lot of major web hosting companies offer reseller deals.

Why? – Well, there are many reasons.

Reseller hosting is great for various types of clients out there. Database programmers, copywriters, designers, digital marketing experts – these are just a few services and professions that may offer web hosting to their clients as a reseller.

This option helps these above-mentioned businessmen and businesses save a lot of money and hustle on acquiring all that physical infrastructure needed to run a successful hosting service on their own.

Thanks to these affordable reseller options, they don’t need to buy their own servers or focus on all the other tasks and responsibilities that come with managing, running and making sure that your server is up and running for a maximum uptime. Nope. Reseller hosting deals help them simply buy the services of bigger web hosting providers and resell them to their end-users in various different ways.

Ok, Great – But What’s The Catch Here? If Reseller Hosting Is So Great, Why Should I Avoid It?

Although reseller hosting is cheap and allows you to have complete control over your rented resources – there are still a lot of disadvantages that come with this particular type of hosting.

First and foremost of all, you’re not in charge of your own service. Yes, you can create your own plans and sell them any way you want to – but still, as a business, you cannot really guarantee a certain quality of service.

Why? – Well, ‘cause it doesn’t really concern you. If your parent host goes down, your service will follow. Same goes for the quality of your service. If the original host has terrible uptime and network stability, so will you. There’s no way around it.


Sure reseller hosting demands lot less of your time, money, and technical know-how to run a legit web hosting business, but it still doesn’t really give you the luxury to create your own success. Your service is still pretty dependent on all sorts of external factors that could easily make and break your business.

Even though I don’t have much against reseller hosting, being a cautious type, my logic tells me that it’s always better to get what you need directly from the source, instead of third party distributor.  

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