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AltusHost Launches New Website

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  • Posted on : May 03, 2015
  • By : AltusHost
Altus Host


On behalf of the entire AltusHost team, it’s a great pleasure to introduce to you our new, improved and more user friendly website design!

It has been five years since we have developed and published the first version of our website, so we decided that it was time we upped our game and introduced you to a whole new look of our digital being.

We at AltusHost are keen on providing our services in the best way possible, with the highest imaginable rate of passion for what we do. As a privately held company which isn’t driven by profit and multi-investors, we have experienced all the perks of doing business in a such competitive field.

We have been meeting our client needs for quite some time now, and next to our amazing staff who works over the clock to provide such quality service, we have only you to thank for that!

Thanks to your support and your trust, these days AltusHost has more than 10.000 active and satisfied clients all around the globe.

Once again, thank you for that! We truly appreciate it!

As you can see for yourself by visiting, our new website is full of cool new features that are solely implemented there to make it easy for our clients and potential clientele to see what we’re all about, what’s new with us, and where do we see ourselves going from here.

Our new site has several new easy drop down menus in the bar with all the necessary and updated information about our company, hosting packages and other services. One of our main goals with this new design was to build a simple and intuitive interface that will, above everything else, make it easy for you, the people who are interested in our deals, to find what you need from us in a matter of seconds.

Next to the obvious changes, we have focused all of our energy to making our website a pleasure to use on all sorts of different sized devices. is from now on mobile responsive, so you could easily use it while you’re on the go.

William Pollard, a famous British writer, once said: “Without change there is no innovation, creativity, or incentive for improvement.” Guided by the words of this mentioned author, we have decided to take a bold step forward and start working on various new and exciting things.

Next to the new website, we are planning to introduce to you our new:
– European DDoS protection services
– Remote Backups
– Advanced Spam Protection Features

Our Dedicated Servers and Shared Hosting offer is also refreshed, but for now we are still focusing our energy on “custom tailored” solutions for our valuable clients.

Why? Because we know that custom made suit still fits best 🙂

But, wait. That’s not all. Are also starting a company blog on which we’re planning to share all the tips and tricks we have learned during these last five years about web hosting, security and running a successful company. Excited? I know we are…

Thanks for taking the time to read this post. We would love to hear your feedback on our website, so, if you would be so kind, please share your thoughts with us by emailing us at [email protected]

Honestly yours,

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