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Email Marketing: 5 Mistakes That You Should Avoid Doing in 2016

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  • Posted on : Aug 12, 2016
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Running an effective marketing strategy is tremendously important for every company in the world. One part of the whole marketing strategy is constantly staying in touch with your existing customers and keeping them interested in your company and your brand.

However, there are many things that companies around the world do wrong in their email marketing procedure, making the campaign much less efficient. Take a look at some of the things that you should pay attention to when you are running your email marketing campaign in 2016.

Not getting the message across


Every mail you create should carry a certain message. Once you are finished with the email creation process, make sure that the message remains pretty clear. Don’t end up in a situation where the person you are sending the email to is left puzzled and does not understand what you actually wanted from them. Make sure that, between those lines, you are clearly expressing the message.

Take your time and read the email carefully before you send it, and once you are sure that you are delivering the message in a fairly straightforward way, you can expect a higher number of conversions or responses, depending on what your goal is.

The length of content

Have you ever received a wall of text in your email? You can admit that it is not quite a pleasant experience. People nowadays don’t have time for reading walls of texts, especially those found in the email. This medium is meant for the creation of medium-sized messages that do not take a lot of time for people to read and understand.

This is the reason why you should keep your email short and concise; don’t make it too short with a sentence or two, but steer away from long texts, as it will make those conversion rates and the number of replied emails much lower. Remember to rely on simple words and shorter sentences, your message will remain clear and easy for the customer to understand.

Subject line is tremendously important


No matter how good your email content is and how clear the message is, people will not read those emails if you pick the wrong approach with the subject line. People need to see a concise subject line.

Most people get tens or hundreds of emails every day, meaning that you have to create a subject line that is going to make the customer read your email. Remember to make the subject line action-oriented, as it will engage your target audience to click and see what you have to say.

Another important thing to pay attention to is the first sentence of your email. It is something that people are going to see first on their phones and computers, and it is also going to affect whether people are going to finish reading the email. Take some time and create a great subject line; your email is going to stand out in your customers’ inboxes.

Pay attention to some basic elements

A majority of companies already takes care of this issue, but it is important to mention, as it can severely affect your email marketing performance.

*Address your customer with a polite tone and avoid using slang in your emails. While it may look interesting to you, some of your customers are not going to feel respected and will most likely unsubscribe from your mailing list.

*Always, and I do mean always, check your grammar. Every single grammar mistake or typo makes you look unprofessional, which is going to be noticed by every single customer in your mailing list.

*Don’t write short, single-sentence emails; it is going to make the users feel like you are ordering them to do something too directly. Compose a sensible email and focus on remaining polite; it is going to give much better results.

*Avoid using CAPS. People consider large text as spam, which is only going to make them exit the mail and stop reading. Instead, simply bold some parts of the text, guiding your readers to what is important.

Is the email medium perfect for your purpose?


There are plenty of other ways of communicating with your customers. Rethink whether the email is the right choice for the message you are sending to your customers. Consider your mailing list as something that provides benefits for those who subscribe and share content that is inaccessible to other people visiting your website, without subscribing for updates about the awesome new piece of content you have published on your website.

For other types, it might be a better option to use some other kind of communication system, to reach out to your followers; for example, your social media networks.

These are some of the mistakes that many businesses make when they are conducting their email marketing campaign. Avoiding these mistakes is going to help you improve your conversion rates, not to mention that it is also going to increase traffic to your website. Simply revise every email you send out to your customers and ensure that your subject line, email length and the tone of the text are flawless.

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