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Donald Trump: Madman or Marketing Genius?

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  • Posted on : May 13, 2016
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Donald Trump has surprised people in America tremendously. It’s very interesting how everyone made fun of him in the beginning of his campaign, yet, somehow, his campaign has proven to be incredibly successful.

Whether we like to admit it or not, Trump’s campaign achieved amazing poll numbers.

One can, with absolute certainty, say that this man has changed the world of politics in America by taking steps which no politician has taken, at least in the past couple of decades.

The insanity of his statements is known to leave people around the world baffled. Even though he often looks like a fool, a lot of us agree up  that these words are not those of a madman, but of an intelligent and successful person, who is one of the richest people in America.

Donald Trump is a skilled businessman who has created a whole empire during his career. This speaks a lot for this man, and people around the US know and value this quality of his.

From the very start of his campaign, this fact was in the back of everyone’s mind. During his years as one of the world’s best-known businessmen, Trump has managed to learn quite a few tricks when it comes to taking advantage of media and successfully improving the brand of Trump.

This is why no one should have underestimated this businessman, as he has been in business for a couple of decades, and with that amount of experience, it was certain that he would achieve some sort of success, which turned out to be true.

For me, it is quite interesting to see how people are identifying with one of the richest businessmen in America. The mere slogan of his campaign has entered the minds’ of millions of people.

No matter where he goes, Donald Trump creates a storm of unbelievable measure. People are stunned, shocked and horrified by his statements, and yet his polls are only growing stronger, swiping away the competition that’s following the “fair fight” trend.

All these things show that Trump is a skilled and cunning man and that he precisely knows what he’s doing. In fact, there are numerous lessons that people involved in marketing can learn from this man, especially those who want to create a big and powerful brand for themselves.

Bad Publicity Does Not Exist



Everyone is attacking this man for his bizarre statements, however, all that these people are creating is an additional buzz around what he’s saying. Thousands of politicians would have been ecstatic if they had just a portion of Trump’s media coverage, because, as you know, that costs a lot of money, and yet – he manages to get it all for free. Trump’s radical statements get him a lot of free press, and he seems to be quite happy with that.  

He is truly a master of using negative publicity to save money on his campaign. There is no need for him to advertise because he is constantly on TV shows, explaining and defending his position.

This much presence in the media is only giving him more time to appeal to voters, who, according to the polls, are loving what they hear. So, every statement this man makes only makes him more popular, which automatically creates more time for him to prance around on the tv and digital media.

This is an ingenious way of staying in the spotlight and being the main topic of millions of conversations around the country. So, when it comes to publicity, it is better to have any than none at all. This type of logic has been working perfectly for Trump’s campaign.

Be Consistent

No matter where this man shows up, he is never changing the way he addresses his audience. The fact that he has got this far only means that he has remained consistent. From the first moment he appeared in the media, up until now, he hasn’t changed a single thing in his routine. He is the same Donald Trump that Americans have known for over two decades. 

The moment he would try to adapt and start apologizing to everyone for the things he said, is the very same moment when he would immediately lose all his popularity. Why? – Well, because today’s people are smart and they can see through such a dishonest changes easily. 

Being consistent is very important for establishing a brand. When the name Donald Trump is mentioned, there are series of qualities that instantly pop into one’s mind. It is highly unlikely that a few apologies or liberal statements could ever change your opinion on the man and his brand.

By being consistent, this man is maintaining the brand he has created, as it should be the case with any business out there. Make a promise to deliver, stand behind your words, and amazing things will happen.

Confidence Resonates



When a person sees this man addressing the audience, there is a great level of confidence behind his every word. No matter what statement he makes, whether it is that he will prevent Muslims from entering the US, or that he will build a wall between US and Mexico, it is evident that he truly means what he says, making his audience firmly believe in his words. 

This is not something that everyone has. Confidence is a very powerful thing. It makes people pay more attention to Trump and increase trust in his words.

Conviction is the best way to make people truly believe your brand and the fact that you stay true to it. A lot of confidence creates a form of resonance, as you will create brand ambassadors who will further spread your word and ideas.

Donald Trump has a great community of supporters, which shows that he has inspired an incredible amount of brand ambassadors, and this is the best way to increase a brand’s influence.

There is a strong pattern behind Trump’s speeches. The way he uses language and sentence structure is quite different to how other politicians use it. Nerdwriter1, one of my favorite bloggers, did a whole video essay on how Donald Trump answers a question. Check it out below:

Know Your Audience

This is one of the most important lessons you can learn. If you truly want to achieve great success in business, it is important to know your customers. Donald Trump already has a lot of experience, as he was an entrepreneur his whole life, and this gave him a great advantage during the campaign.

His unique slogan “Make America great again” struck a chord with millions of United States citizens.

Solely by creating this slogan, he penetrated the minds of millions, as the message in this sentence is clear: “America is not the greatest country in the world anymore. Furthermore, it is not even that great right now, But, if you follow me, together we can make it great again.

Then, the entrepreneur has continued aiming towards the hearts of Americans. He started mentioning some of the problems that the country has and, with confidence, promised radical solutions. Before making these bold claims, he already knew how people would react.

There were those who rebelled, but according to the polls and online searching trends, a lot of people surely agree with him. He knew what needed to be said, and proposed some radical steps, because he noticed that no one around him had the courage to put it in words like he did and, more importantly, he noticed that people are very angry.

By doing this, Trump successfully received a lot of support throughout the country. So, before starting a business, you should definitely do some research on how to approach your customers.




Donald Trump is authentic and this is something that people greatly respect. Once you are aiming to create a brand, it is tremendously important to be authentic.

Trump’s authenticity stands behind the fact that he, at all times, had the courage to defend his radical measures, which he truly believes are necessary. Many people respect this, as all the other politicians do everything to make people like them.

There are numerous examples when politicians apologize and change their grounds on some points, or even change their whole political goals, but Trump is not one of them.

People are not stupid and they are sick of deceiving politicians who never show emotions. In the world of politics, this makes Trump authentic, which is one of the reasons why he has so much support.

No matter what type of brand you are planning to create, it is very important to stand out from the crowd. Apple is a company that always aimed towards being authentic, and with a lot of effort, they have become one of the world’s best-known brands. Being authentic is an important factor that can determine the amount of success your business will have.

When you take a closer look at all these facts, everything makes perfect sense. Donald Trump is clearly not a madman. He has surely done his homework as he has come a long way. Many people underestimated him in the beginning, but with the amount of support that he has received, it can certainly be said that he is a true marketing genius.

He has literally created a brand called “Trump”, which is going to be remembered for a long time. All those who believe that he is a pure madman should get their facts straight, as they are right in front of them. At least people now know what would happen if a successful entrepreneur decided to run for president. 

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