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4 Key Ingredients for an Effective Ecommerce Ad Strategy

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  • Posted on : Jan 18, 2016
  • By : AltusHost
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There is no doubt anymore! The new norm for digital marketing is set by mobile technology. It’s a fact that two out of three adult Americans currently own a smartphone, while the number of tablet users worldwide will surpass 1 billion by the end of the year.

An average person spends most of his or her time during the day either on their phone or a laptop. When considering this increase in usage of mobile technology, it’s no wonder that the people in the business world have recognized this as a great chance for increasing digital marketing investments.

However, digital advertising is not that simple. Since there are various channels and devices through which people access information, content and purchasing options, it can be difficult for a brand to achieve success in driving sales and engaging users.

Furthermore, this has never been as important as it is today. Making sure the customer has a pleasant experience with any device is a must for a serious business that doesn’t want to lose their customers to the competition.

Here are the most important e-commerce strategies that can help you empower your brand, boost sales and attract customers.

The Mobile Owns


Many different reports show that around 35% of global e-commerce transactions are done via mobile technology.

The current trend shows that the numbers will just keep growing, and with it, so will mobile ads.

Businesses have to optimize their ecommerce store and strategy towards mobiles.

This means employing an optimized and easy to navigate mobile app for your business. This is how brands must drive conversions and engage consumers, through this medium, more than anything else.

Since most potential customers usually like to switch between devices during their shopping journey, it is essential to offer an attractive and intuitive mobile web browsing experience.

The Desktop Is Still Important


Even though the mobile is the brand new locomotive for digital marketing, the desktop still stands firm when it comes to reaching customers and motivating them to make a purchase.

Desktops and laptops currently dominate the corporate workplace, so when people have the time, they like to shop and browse the web for their own personal affairs.

Mobile shopping has grown, there is no doubt about that, but the desktop is still a powerful tool which consumers use for their purchasing experience.

This is why desktop advertising has a huge role when it comes to driving offline transactions.

All Devices Have A Part To Play


The journey towards a purchase involves a lot of devices. A person may start looking for a certain item using their smartphone during the day, then switch to a tablet device in the evening to look at the product even better and buy it from the laptop once they’ve made a decision.

For digital advertising, this means that the switches need to be consistent, relevant and smooth. Even though smartphone transactions include a majority of transactions via mobile, tablets should not be neglected.

Attribution Means Return on Investment

Businessman touching ROI (return on investment)

Digital advertising is very measurable. However in a crowded place of clicks, buys, views and exchanges, it can be hard to calculate which ads lead to sales and through which devices. A professional branding team working with a partner, which is focused on delivering the best performance results, is essential for precisely attributing sales to digital marketing.

If we look at the future, attribution is making big steps towards a better understanding of how online ads are affecting offline transaction, and this is something that advertisers need in order to measure effectiveness accurately.

Marketing is important for business, however if you don’t know where you went wrong, you won’t know where to improve.

Having an ad strategy will benefit your business greatly. But, the first thing you need to do is optimize your web site and choose a proper hosting service for it.

In order to advertise your business, you will need to have something to advertise. This means developing good products for which there is a significant demand on the current market.

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