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4 Essential Steps When Starting Your Food Blog

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  • Posted on : Nov 26, 2015
  • By : AltusHost
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If you like food, and are passionate about cooking and trying out new recipes, why don’t you share your passion with the world? Why don’t you share those delicious recipes and useful tricks and tips you have mastered in the kitchen – maybe you can even earn some audience in the process?

If you have been looking for a hobby, starting a blog is an ideal thing for you, especially if you like to write and take pictures – then you have the whole package.

I bet you are now wondering, how do I set up a blog? Don’t worry, I have prepared several essential steps for you and if you follow them, you will have your blog up and running in no time.

Here are some basic but important steps for starting your food blog.

1.  Choose a name and domain for your blog

2. Find a good web hosting service

3. Choose a theme for your blog

4. Start blogging!

Choosing a Name and Domain

This is the first step to setting up your blog, and it’s time to be creative. It may seem a little hard, just take your time and start brainstorming – the name will represent you as a blogger so list all the words which describe you, your cooking style, maybe your lifestyle – in the end, something will come up.

Ask your friends for some suggestions, and don’t worry, you can always come up with a name that isn’t yet taken.

Your blog name should be descriptive, short, easy to spell, so that people can easily find it and memorable. Once you have come up with a name, you need to check whether it is available, and if it is, be quick and snatch it!

Finding a Good Web Hosting Service


Now you have two choices, will you use a free hosting or a paid hosting service? Each one of them has their advantages and disadvantages, and it is all up to you – where you will want to go with your new blog?

If you decide on a free hosting service, that is not a bad option, it will give you time to collect audiences and become a stronger blogger before you decide to invest some money. They are easy to set up and with these hosting options, it is easy to move to a paid hosting service later in the future. There are several good reasons to choose a paid hosting service.

First of all, you have more control and a domain name with a “dot com”. Going in this direction is a good thing so pick your hosting provider, choose a domain and you are ready to build your blog.

Choosing a Theme

Now, the time has come to install WordPress and choose a WordPress theme. WordPress is going to be your blogging software, whether you have chosen a free hosting or a paid hosting provider.

WordPress is easy to install, and once you have done that, it is time to choose a theme. Choose a cool design, since there are so many themes out there, and they are going to be a template for your blog.

Every theme is so easy to use and it comes with a tutorial so you will not have any problems setting that up. If you want to easily customize your blog you can install WordPress plugins which will help you get the most out of your blog.

Start Blogging!


Now that you have sorted out all this technical stuff, it is time to do what you originally wanted to do, to blog. Don’t be worried if your writing isn’t that good, after all, your blog will be focused on photos and recipes, and you will writing will surely improve in time.

As for the photos, you need to take good photos, because after all, the most important thing every blog must have is good content. You will slowly start building a community, but be aware that no one will praise you and promote you if you don’t to the same. So, go to your favorite blogs, promote them, link your content with others, read their posts and maybe you will get the same in return.

I hope you will find these steps useful, and that they will help you start your food blog on a good note. Make sure that you have chosen a good hosting service, that you are satisfied with your theme, and nothing will stop you from taking over the world with your amazing and delicious recipes. So, get started with these steps – I am sure that you will not experience any difficulties when managing all of them.

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