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4 Creative Marketing Tricks That Will Help You Boost Your Small Business

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  • Posted on : Feb 19, 2016
  • By : AltusHost
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Since you are an owner of a small business, it is likely that you don’t have the resources to promote your product or service to the same extent that major companies do. But, there are always other ways and you can still make a strong impact with some creative ideas and tricks that will help you boost your small business, attract new audiences and keep your current customers engaged. Here are some creative marketing tricks that will help you realize the size your company could reach if you put enough effort in your marketing strategies.

Improve Your Online Presence

It’s safe to assume that most businesses already have a website, but if yours doesn’t, now is the time to launch one.

Setting up a website is easy; you are going to need a good hosting solution , a good theme and quality design features. Your website should be engaging, so it cannot only contain some rudimentary information about your products and services, location and your telephone number – your website should be the most important tool for your marketing strategy. It needs to offer real content and become a valuable resource for the industry your business is in.

Start a blog that you will frequently update, a blog that will offer interesting content, updates about your business or maybe some observations and news.

Use images and written content, where you will express your creative voice and establish your point of view.

Include calls to action on your website in order to motivate your visitors to sign up for your newsletter or track you down on social media, and make sure that your website is responsive, so that it can be viewed on smartphones, because more and more people are getting their information on the go.

So, if your website isn’t optimized for mobile devices, your business is in risk of falling behind.

Reach out to Your Target Audience

bubble of communicationSign up for deal-of-the-day platforms, where you can put a discount on your products or services, because this allows you to target a whole new customer base.

This can take a toll on profits, but in the long run, it can get you loyal customers and followers.

Consider enabling reviews for your business or maybe check in services, and always respond to reviews, whether they were negative or positive.

Be Social

3Engage more on the social media scene by creating and maintaining original and innovating social media accounts where you will promote your small business and, in the same time, establish your personality.

Because of the precision of social media networks, you can easily get your brand message across – what is your company about, who are the people behind it, what are your key values, what makes your products and services stand out,  and so on.

Every small business has Twitter and Facebook accounts, but you should try expanding to YouTube, Pinterest, Instagram or Google+, so that you can reach a wider audience.

The great thing about social media is that you can offer your customers some perks or giveaways, which will show that there is a real person with a voice behind the marketing hype.

Engage Locally

4Focusing on your local community and word of mouth can yield excellent results, and works well when combined with other marketing tactics.

Connect with your neighbors and show them how you can invest and contribute to your community.

Consider collaborating with other local businesses.

Choose the ones that are not your direct competitors, and you can pair or cross-promote your products or services as part of a local package.

You can also participate in local food or craft fairs, or be a sponsor of some community event. This way you will get to know the rhythm of your neighborhood, allowing you to tailor your value proposition and brand language to meet the needs of your potential customers, while at the same time showing some commitment, since your business will have a positive impact on the local community.

These are just some of the creative, efficient, inexpensive and simple marketing tricks, tools and ideas, which can really help you boost your small business. All it takes is just a little creativity and effort and you can get outstanding results.

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